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Scottish property problems solved!


Scottish property problems are something of a misnomer. Bricks and mortar may be the cause but it's the impact on your life that causes the problem.


Every time we scratch the surface of a property problem we find a person (or people) trying to overcome some obstacle or other. And you can be sure, if there's a property involved, it's going to seem like a big problem. But you know, problems aren't always what they first seem. And a solution may just be round the corner...

You may have Scottish property problems that requires professional intervention, but then again you may not....you may just need a steer in the right direction. Whichever way things pan-out we're here to help.



The Scottish property problem-solvers

As Scotland's helpful property buyers we can solve your Scottish property problem directly, or if we feel another solution more readily fits the bill, we'll give you a steer in the right direction. It's all part of the service - all you have to do is ask. The fact is, with Scottish property,  a little professional know-how goes a long way.


Take Alan. Based near Glasgow Alan was facing two difficulties at the same time. He was sure after he'd been turned down for a further advance on his mortgage that his only hope was to sell the property to clear his fairly modest debts. His situation was further complicated by the fact the house was jointly owned with his mum whose health is increasingly fragile.



We set him straight - and he kept his home. All we did was listen, ask a few questions and clarify a misunderstanding on how property finance works. Yes, we talked ourselves out of a client but in this business it really pays to be honest.


Selling property in Scotland isn't always straightforward. What's your Scottish property problem?


  • Mortgage costs too high

  • Hard to sell property

  • Inherited property

  • Raise cash for business

  • Emigrating

  • Property chain

  • Tenanted property

  • Free up cash

  • Long term illness

  • Moving into sheltered accommodation in Scotland

  • Selling from outside Scotland?

  • Hard to finance property

  • Significant debts to clear

  • Interest only mortgage

  • House unsold

  • Eviction

  • Unpaid mortgage payments

  • Family upset

  • Divorce or separation

  • Unmanageable debt

  • Empty Scottish property

  • Scottish property in poor condition

  • Scottish property requiring renovation

  • Nearing retirement

  • Selling to release the joint mortgage holder

  • Fast Scottish house sale

  • Mounting credit card debt

  • No cash to sell



The Scottish house sale process works well for routine house sales (most of the time). But what if your circumstances are less than straightforward?


Perhaps it's the property itself which has issues. It could be a property that's difficult to get a mortgage on for some reason, perhaps because it needs extensive repairs or modernisation. Alternatively, perhaps your financial difficulties are preventing you from selling on the open market.


Solving property problems in Scotland..

Wouldn't it just be better to get on with your life?

Properties that haven't been lived in for years, properties that haven't been "liveable" for years, properties that have problem tenants, hard to market properties, unregistered properties..the list goes on.


Many of the house sellers who contact us are directly or indirectly facing some form of financial issue. If you're selling property in Scotland but your hands are tied by some problem or other we can probably find a solution.

Tell us what your Scottish property problems are and we'll do our best to solve them...


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