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UK Property buyers - not all house buying companies are the same

UK Property Buyers

Property or people first?

UK property buyers are ten a penny. There are lots of companies to choose from, even in the current market.

Any one of then will offer to buy your house. Any day of the week. But here in lies the problem. Do you want someone to buy your house or help you? Do they start with bricks and mortar or you're situation. We help people. Always have.

The vast majority of homeowners who feel they need the assistance of a home buying company have circumstances which are somehow "awkward".

UK Property Buyers

These homeowners are not well served by the mainstream property market. When was the last time an estate agent guaranteed to find you a buyer? Or even guaranteed to sell your property by a certain date? Or sell it super-fast?  That's where professional UK property buyers come in: cash buyers for houses.

UK Property Buyers

If your circumstances somehow make you feel like a square peg in a round hole - then you need additional help. This may mean entering the world of professional cash property buyers or selling some other way. Uncharted waters for most homeowners. Where do you start?

Resources at your finger tips..Sell to us or use our Tips and Guides

Our site has a lot of content. Pages and pages of it, for people looking for a quick property sale. Home owners who need to find a cash home buyer or require a service outside the mainstream.

Which is why, unusually for cash homebuyers, we include information on our site covering every facet of house selling - just use the "Tips and Guides" button on the main menu to find it.

UK Property Buyers

It's our day-to-day experience that some homeowners simply aren't aware of their house selling options. Especially when it comes to dealing with UK property buyers (or Scottish property buyers or Welsh property buyers).

The bottom line is that information really is power.  When it comes to cash property buyers you need to make the best choices you can. 

UK Property buyers are not all the same

We know we're different - clients tell us so! Speak to enough companies offering cash for properties and you may agree. We think it's because our focus is squarely on people rather than combi boilers and double glazing! Looking for help from people who're fair, fast and reliable? We deliver. In spades.

As UK property buyers go, we are small. And we like it that way. We're not a franchise so there are no targets to meet - we just focus on you.

UK Property Buyers

Selling In A Difficult Market

We understand you require a straightforward sale on the best terms you can get. But please be realistic. The UK property market is in the doldrums. Prices are depressed, finance is tight, and if you could sell easily through agents you would.

However we realise a potential purchase must make financial sense for both parties - even in a slow market. As house buying companies go you'll find us refreshingly candid.

UK Property Buyers

A safe pair of hands for your quick house sale

We're not the biggest UK property buyers. And we don't "buy any property, any area". But we will try to help you regardless of your location.  But the upshot is. We can be more flexible. If we can help a vendor we will.  And..

It also means we are well placed to advise you on your broader options. We've always got five minutes to listen. We're even known to recommend other UK property buyers if we can't help a particular seller. We don't get paid for this. It's all part of the service.

There are some outfits we won't recommend for a range of reasons. Some sell your information on to individuals. Who knows who you'll end up dealing with. Others charge for some aspect of their service (the cheek!). But it's important to realise most deliver a reasonable service for most clients or they'd be out of business.

So when we say "you're in safe hands" we mean it. And we're only ever a free phone call away on 0800 043 0669.

 Why not get the ball rolling by requesting a FREE independent House Valuation Report?  It's the least we can do to help.

Sell Your House Quick Help
3 Gladstone Place
Edinburgh EH6 7LX

Tel/Fax 0131 553 4838




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