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A quick sale - it can be you

Quick Guide  Quick Guide An over

A quick sale is a funny thing...Why are you here?

What's quick for one house seller.. just isn't fast enough for another. And then again, speed may not be your only concern.

Admit it.

It goes like this.

When you must sell, if you absolutely have to sell, you must have certainty.

Roughly translated. A quick sale can be the same as a certain or guaranteed sale.

Deadlines are king in the quick house sale business. Delivering quick house sales time after time is a specialist service.

So deadlines are respected.


A quick sale arrangement

The nature of the bargain goes like this.

The cash buyer must allow you, the seller, to call the shots. Especially with regards to timing (that's why we say "we'll buy when you want us to").

You, in turn, must get a rock-solid commitment from the cash buyer. How? By offering the property for sale at a discount (there's a bit more to it of course).

Each party gets what they want out of the quick house sale arrangement.


A quick sale comes in a thousand different flavours...

Generalising is hard. The plain truth is that the nuances of each sale are different. Always. Personality is a key factor.

We don't pigeonhole people. But..

We can discern certain themes. After all, we're in the problem solving business.

Usually a quick sale solves family or social issues, fixes a property problem, or puts an end to financial concerns.

Let's put it to the test. You're here because...?

We understand the list of possibilities is a long one..

...property chain problems...

...multiple mortgage commitments..

....payment for an overseas property..

..house unsold...

..emigration or relocation..

..release cash for....

..an unwanted or inherited property..

..family crisis..

..problem property..

..bullying or neighbourhood disputes..

..facing repossession

..divorce or separation..

..and so on..

The point is we (cash buyers) don't make judgements. We just need to know enough to deliver the sale you need.


So how quick is quick, exactly?

Different circumstances dictate whether a quick sale is needed in less than a month or in less than three. Or even sooner.

We've just come across details of a sale completed in hours. Really. That's definitely unusual. But not  impossible.

For most people three to six weeks is ideal. This gives them time to minimise the disruption of a move. Sellers facing  repossession can ask for a fast sale, depending on their lenders approach to their situation.

What about you? "We just want to sell" you say. OK good. You're in the right place.

Read on about cash buyers and how they work. Or if you want to get started now request a FREE independent house valuation report. No obligation.

Just curious? Unsure? Be our guest...have a good look round.





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