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An alternative to debt consolidation loans - sell rent schemes

alternative to debt consolidation loans

One possible alternative to debt consolidation loans is a sell and rent back arrangement. Fed up with borrow-spend-borrow-spend?

Chances are if you have found this page you're already thinking that consolidating your loans, with yet another loan, might not be for you.  And you may be right.



Credit Action, a national money education charity, says if you're about to take out a debt consolidation loan you should be cautious. It says reports suggest, "the majority of consolidation loan borrowers go on to accumulate further debt" and that "Fool.co.uk has found that three out of five consumers who opt for consolidation loans generate more debt".

So it seems the odds are stacked against you.

But there is at least one alternative to debt consolidation loans you may not have thought of....



Credit Action is quite correct to warn people to be cautious.

We have found (all in the name of research) that some of the so-called "Advisory Services"  are not all they seem.

Many are "independent" in name only. It's just clever packaging. Web sites and adverts dressed to look like independent no-cost services in the style of genuine independent services like National Debtline and CAB. These are no more than marketing fronts for the financial service companies keen to sell you a debt consolidation loan! 



You may already be thinking you'd be better off selling up, wiping the slate clean and starting over.

But there might be another way to get a fresh start.

Perhaps you haven't thought about a sell rent scheme? A sell and rent back arrangement allows you to sell your home without having to leave your home.  Imagine, you don't have to find somewhere new to live. Yes, you can wipe out your loans and debts and remain in your home.



Is there a real alternative to debt consolidation loans?


A sell and rent back arrangement is simply another alternative to debt consolidation loans which works well for some people as long as they find the right provider. Just like debt consolidation loans, you need to do your own research, be cautious and make your own mind up.

We think sell rent schemes (also called sell and rent back arrangements) are a viable alternative for people who'd prefer to wipe out their debts and remain in their home.

Essentially a sell rent scheme involves you becoming a tenant (we prefer to say client). You simply sell your home to a professional property company and rent it back from them.



The trick is to find a professional buyer who will offer you an affordable rent, stick to it, and commit to owning the property for a timeframe that suits you.

Many property buyers prefer to sell after one, two or three years to realise their profits. Not all, but the majority. So it's important to find a buyer who is on the same wavelength and will give you the level of reassurance you need.

A significant advantage of sell and rent back schemes is that they help you break the cycle of borrow-spend-borrow-spend.




Curious about sell and rent back as an alternative to debt consolidation loans?

If you're feeling "enough is enough" debt wise, why not find out more about sell and rent back arrangements? We can be as general or specific as you want. All you have to do is ask.

Call us or complete an online enquiry form to find out more about how sell and rent back arrangements work as an alternative to debt consolidation loans


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