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Avoid Landlord Repossession - We Have A Number Of Solutions

avoid landlord repossession


Avoid landlord repossession! Sell to or team up with us to explore alternatives. There are rumours that the buy-to-let market is improving but that may not help you if you suddenly find your circumstances have changed.  Or perhaps you're one of the many landlords who are just fed up and want out of the business.

The difficulty landlords have is that they are also responsible for other people - their tenants. While it has become more common for lenders  to keep tenants in repossessed properties you can't take it for granted.

avoid landlord repossession

Furthermore if you have other business interests the last thing you need is to damage your standing with finance companies - especially in a climate of hard-to-come-by-lending.

So what should you do? Tough it out? Give up? Or Sell?

If  you can no longer meet your obligations you may be thinking of selling. Selling quickly may but you in a stronger position. Yes it's a damage limitation exercise, but it might be your best option.

The good news is there is reasonable demand for landlord properties - especially those with a track record of  renting easily and having reliable tenants.

If you find yourself in this position it's likely that:

- You are suffering voids - your cash flow is suffering

 - You need to clear arrears or anticipate having arrears

- Loan or mortgage payments may too high

- You've suffered a change in circumstance

- You've lost interest

-  You find managing tenants too stressful


Whichever combination of the above relates to your position we are here to help make life easier for you.

Of course selling your landlord properties is a last resort.  But if you've taken advice and your mind is made up we can help you get back on an even footing.

Before you decide to sell to avoid landlord repossession it's sensible to have explored and ruled out your other options. Increasing your income or reducing your payments shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

It's harder to gauge your options if you've simply run out of interest. 'Professional tenants' can be difficult to manage for all but the most determined landlord. When voids, damage to property and the state of the market are taken into consideration it's perhaps understandable that many landlords give up.

avoid landlord repossession

We understand that the landlords who are most at risk own 3-7 properties. Typically. Whether you have owned them for five years or fifteen there could be a number of solutions available that will keep you afloat. Selling is one of them.

Is time running out for you to avoid landlord repossession?

Selling quickly to prevent landlord repossession can help you raise cash, remove pressures and let you focus on what's important. If selling is not possible - for example if your properties have high loan to value mortgages on them, there could be other solutions. Why not ask us?

We work with landlords in various parts of the UK, including Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester.

 If the pressure to sell or find another solution, outweighs other considerations please contact us for a preliminary, no obligation chat.

To find out how we can help you call 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the form below.



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