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'Buy my house' - what a cash buyer can do for you

If the words 'buy my house' are uppermost in your mind it's probably because you want to sell your house quickly. And by quickly we mean within six weeks. Or perhaps you're fed up with your existing buyer messing you around. In these circumstances you may find yourself searching for a cash property buyer who offers a home or housebuying service.

'Buy my house!' - the house or homebuying service

We're taking time to explain more about the service offered by property cash buyers as their home or housebuying services are generally not part of our everyday experience.

This is because most property transactions - buying and selling houses - don't require specialist help. So you won't come across cash buyers or property traders in the high street.

These are businesses. They are not the same kind of buyers you would generally find coming round to view your property from an estate agent. This means you can typically expect a quick, business-like sale. No messing around.

And, there's another big difference. And this is probably the property trader's hallmark: Unlike a conventional buyer a property trader is free to structure the buying and selling process in ways that conventional buyers are not. So in a way they are actually doing more than simply answering a call to 'buy my house', although it can be as straightforward as that. A homebuying service (in the right hands) is really more about creating individual house sale solutions for home owners. You'll see for yourself when we run through some examples later.

What can you expect when you meet a property trader?

While all these names (property trader, cash buyer, housebuyer) suggest that property is the sole focus of these kinds of businesses, you might be surprised to learn that they can be as interested in your circumstances as your property, if not more so.

It means that a property trader does more than focus on the 'buy my home' issue. They will spend time with you to understand what you want out of the process and how they can structure the deal to give you what you want. For example, it's not unusual for property traders to pay mortgage arrears or other pressing payments as part of the transaction. Other people simply want to move because they need to be getting on with their lives somewhere else.

When, and if, you decide to contact then meet a property trader you'll find that they'll ask questions that initially seem quite personal. The following is typical:

  • how long have you owned the house for?
  • what is the outstanding mortgage on the property?
  • are any other loans secured on the property?
  • do you have mortgage arrears or other debts?
  • what are your major financial obligations?
  • would you like to continue living in your property?
  • have you found somewhere else to live?

    We have asked around. The general concensus is that a professional property trader who knows their stuff (and puts people first) will spend at least an hour and a half to two hours with you before they look over the property. They'll use this time to find out about your circumstances and talk through various possible options.

    So there you have it. A house or home buying service is really a highly individual, crafted solution delivered by a business focused on helping people get on with their lives. For some people it solves the who will 'buy my house' issue.

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