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Cash buying specialists - a client's story

Cash buying specialists

Trusting cash buying specialists or quick house sale companies always involves a leap of faith. At least initially. Who to trust, who not to trust. It's a worry.

Reputation is hard to gauge. Saying you're reputable isn't enough either. A third party recommendation isn't always solid.

We agree.

It seems reasonable to suppose that in situations where there are large amounts of cash involved you should be circumspect. Us too.


We're lucky.

Our "home made" site is designed to appeal to certain types of homeowner. We know from experience these people make good clients.  Whatever their situation. The fact that it doesn't appeal to everyone is a good thing.  Trust, you see, works both ways. It's not just whether you can trust cash buying specialists, but also whether we can trust you.


Cash buying specialists are a bit of a mixed bag

Like any business, property cash buyers are bit of a mixed bag. But there's nothing like a good story to make a point. We've obviously only heard it from the client's point of view.


There does seem to be a little bit of supply and demand at work here - we know plenty of  cash buyers who are fair-minded.

We'll let our client tell you her story herself when things have calmed down. But for now, here's our version.

Kathy's story..facing eviction

Kathy is facing imminent eviction.

She spends from Friday night through to first thing Monday at the family computer. She contacts as many quick house sale companies as she can find. Her nephew joins her from time to time showing her how to get the best out of  the search engines. We imagine she has breaks to cook the family meals and sleep. But really she's sat there all weekend long, give or take.

The phone starts to ring. Not many call at the weekend, but offers do come in. Then the phone goes red hot on Monday morning. As if by magic all cash buying specialists are offering the same figure. Just enough to clear everything off.


Help is on the horizon

A well-known cash buying specialist leaves the first of three messages to the effect "you're running out of time".  (The fourth time he called the house was sold!)

We think we're one of the last three companies she contacts (that's ok, at least she found us). We have a long chat. We talk about the background to their present circumstances and what she'd like to do. It also turns out she has a medical condition which makes her situation more complicated to work around. There is no solicitor (yet) acting on her behalf. We tell her we'll help her, if she helps herself. This seems to galvanise her into action.

With the stakes so high we double-check our facts with our solicitors in Edinburgh then go back with some suggestions. We find the lender unsympathetic. Meanwhile the clock is ticking. Eviction is looming on Tuesday afternoon.


A fair cash offer...

We make an offer which we think is fair given what we think the house is currently worth in its present condition. Crucially our offer also gives the family some much needed cash to put in the bank when the sale concludes. We agree a rent below the going rate (every bit helps) which still allows us to cover our costs and more. We speak to other family members then deal with the lender. The eviction is stopped on Monday evening. Phew.


Turns out the family think they really want to buy the property back in a few years. We work out and agree a formula between us which does two things. It gives the family a stake in the property from the day the rent back agreement starts and it also gives them every chance of being able to afford to buy their house back. Everyone's happy.

 With the knowledge the eviction is halted everyone can relax (including us). However the phone continues to ring. A Manchester cash buying specialist calls to offer just enough to pay the mortgage off and not the secured loan (to quote Kathy, "they must think I came up the Clyde in a banana boat").

Kathy takes the phone off the hook.

We know we can't or won't solve everyone's problems. But as cash buying specialists we promise to be fair. And helpful.

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