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The steps involved in selling to a cash home buyer

Selling to a cash home buyer allows you to sell your house direct to the buyer - there are no agents or middlemen involved.

We thought you'd like to know what to expect. So, here we outline the steps involved in selling to a cash home buyer - most of the time. There is some variation but this is a good guide:

Step one
You complete an on-line enquiry form or contact the trader by telephone.

The form / phone call will deal primarily with details of your property and your reasons for selling. It is in your interests to give a full and honest account of your situation and to have realistic expectations of your houseís current value.

Step two
You may then have a further telephone interview within 24-48 hours or proceed directly to arranging a meeting at your property

Whether itís a three or four step process will depend largely on whether your first call goes to a call answering service or directly through to the cash home buyer.

Step three
The trader will have a meeting with you and view your house.

This is your main opportunity to assess the trader and you should be assessing their approach based on: its fairness, speed and flexibility.

It's also an opportunity to ask questions. Take it. To what extent does the trader focus on you or your property? Do they view your house before sitting down with you to discuss your circumstances or the other way around? That will give some indication of their priorities. How long does the meeting last? Do they bounce ideas around with you? Are they happy to answer your questions?

Step four
The cash home buyer may decide to make you a firm offer.

Buyers typically donít make an offer for your property on the spot. Youíll receive the offer or solution after your meeting.

Where cash home buyers are likely to differ is the extent to which they present you with a range of options and the degree to which you feel the proposals are fair.

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