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Cash house sales - sell your home fast

Cash house sales

Cash house sales can provide the answer when you don't want to stay...but need sell without any of the hitches associated with selling through more traditional means. You know what we're talking about. In 2010, with buyers thin on the ground, selling can be a very frustrating experience! We should know. We have been selling property too..so it can be very bad it is out there.

It may also be true that you simply can't afford not to sell to a buying company. If you have an awkward situation on your hands we may be able to take the pressure off. Estate agents simply can't do this because they have no sway over the buyer.

If the thought of bypassing all this hassle appeals please read on.

Selling for mainly financial reasons?

Low interest rates have probably helped more people to keep their home. But financial pressures have not gone away for everyone.  Some mortgage rates are still surprisingly high and the bleak economic news means more people have either lost their jobs or are on short working.

Perhaps you're at the point where paying off your debts might give you a fresh start? 

cash house sales

Or perhaps you have mortgage arrears to pay off and through a change in circumstance don't see an immediate way to clear off the arrears. Or if legal action has been taken against you repossession is looming in the near future? Or just need to free-up some cash?

Sell a house for cash to get your cash quicker. But please do exhaust your other options before selling. Sometimes it is possible to borrow cash as a "stop gap" or to come to an agreement with your lender(s).

Selling for mainly practical reasons?

Timing of your sale important? The convenience of selling when you want to can be over-stated, but for a minority of homeowners is really important.

Cash house sales can solve a range of practical situations.  Perhaps you're living abroad with a house in the UK to sell? Or have an inherited property on your hands? Perhaps you just need to move..If you have an interest only mortgage you may have decided for practical reasons to pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale.

If you're dealing with the right kind of property buyer, a professional property sale offers a water-tight answer to selling your house fast - a guaranteed cash property sale.

cash house sales

We arrange quick cash house sales in Scotland, England and Wales. We understand the timing of a house sale can be critical. Make or break. We take this responsibility seriously so work hard to inspire confidence and trust in our clients.

What's more when you need access to ready cash, we can pay cash for your house. You don't have to worry about sales chains or buyers who can't raise finance.

cash house sales

The current downturn in the market is no respecter of your plans.

We're seeing a greater number of enquiries from homeowners who simply don't want to risk selling through estate agents. But if you are still trying to sell through agents you will have found that the house selling market can be "patchy". Estate agents (and vendors) can be slow to adjust their valuations to changing market conditions true. But time wasters have been replaced with a new breed of house hunter. Someone who just makes a series of low offers, on serial properties, just in case someone is desperate to sell. Mmm... A low offer and no reassurance.

Interested in knowing more about our cash house sales?

Deciding to sell a house for cash,  may provide the answer. In some instances, you'll need to be willing to accept a re-valuation of your home. This applies if your house has been marketed for some time but gone unsold. A quick litmus test? If you're not getting the number of expected viewings  - speak to your agent about pricing.

cash house sales

House not on the market? For sellers moving house, have empty properties (more common than you might think), properties with tenants or relocation plans or financial difficulties to resolve a cash sale is the start of the selling process.

When you need to sell fast or with no hiccups, a cash sale can solve your problems at once.

All our cash house sales start with developing an understanding of  your circumstances and creating a free house valuation report. It's easy to apply. Complete the form below or call us free on 0800 043 0669.



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