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Choosing estate agents for a quick sale

Choosing estate agents is more tricky than you might think - particularly with so much competition out there. Each will be eager to win your business!

Use our list of 'best questions' selectively to create your own list of questions to ask when your short-listed agents come to view and value your house.

Choosing estate agents for a quick sale - the best questions to ask

What other properties in the area have they recently sold or are they currently marketing? Are any like your property?

What do they think the realistic selling price is for your house?

Where would they pitch the asking price?

Can they back up their valuation with recent examples?

What is the current average selling time for your kind of property?

Which parts of the market do they specialise in, if any?

How familiar are they with houses in your price range and the type of buyer your house will attract?

What suggestions do they have for increasing the buyer appeal of your property?

What is the condition of the local market and what impact will this have on your sale?

How many waiting buyers do they have?

How will they market the property and where? How much input can you have?

How will promotion of the house impact their fees?

What evidence can they give about their marketing and selling ability? For example, how much traffic does their website get?

If your property is likely to appeal to out of area buyers how will they deal with this?

What are their fees and the standard terms of their sales agreement? How much flexibility is there?

Choosing estate agents..the last word

It's important you gel well with your estate agent - so don't forget to find out if the person you meet will be dealing personally with your sale.

Choosing estate agents is more complex than selecting the agent who comes up with the highest valuation (we know it's tempting). No more so than when choosing which estate agents are best placed to get you a quick house sale.

Tip Separate the valuations from the personalities. If your preferred agent comes up with a valuation you believe is on the low side..then ask them if they'd be prepared to test the water with a higher figure - at least to start with. But don't forget that at the end of the day you want a quick sale. This may or may not mean a best price.

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