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Want to clear debts?

Do you have a surplus property o

Clear debts the painless way. Get a fresh start...

Got financial difficulties? Want to reduce or better still eliminate debt altogether? Of course you do! That's why you're here.

Listen up...you are not alone.

We are all at it...

Mortgages, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, store cards. You name it.

We British seem to have a talent for living beyond our means. As a nation we're borrowed up to the hilt. As a leading politician said recently, "we are a nation built on debt."

So we weren't surprised when homeowners started telling us the last interest rate rise just tipped them over the edge. We all have a tipping point. What's yours?

The evidence..?

Hitting the headlines...

In 2006 the headlines were dominated by talk of lending and repossessions both rising.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reported that the number of repossessions was up and predicted to rise again in 2007.

On lending, mortgage approvals were up by both value and volume, although the market tailed-off at the end of the year.

Tougher on debtors..

The press tell us that lenders are becoming tougher on debtors. And with too many of us apparently taking the ostrich approach, burying our heads in the sand, you have a recipe for a financial crisis. It's definitely not a way to clear debts.

Higher personal debt..

Of course mortgages are not the only source of debt.

And while mortgage lending in the UK continues at high levels itís booming against soaring levels of personal debt.

Our current level of unsecured debt (credit cards, loans) is now double the average for the rest of Western Europe at around £3,000. Nearly half a million people have unsecured debts of more than £20,000. Perhaps you are one?

Add rising interest rates into the mix, and itís no wonder more and more of us are finding ourselves financially squeezed...

Citizens Advice has been stepping up its warnings that homeowners are at risk of losing the roof over their head because of unmanageable debt. As of September 2006, 770,000 people had missed at least one mortgage payment in the previous year.

Personal insolvencies are also at their highest since records began..

Yes it's true. Personal insolvencies are at their highest level ever (February 2007).

But this may have something to do with the way the bankruptcy regime is managed and the very large numbers of debt management companies waiting in line to "help" you sort your finances out. For a price.

Commentators say that banks are becoming stricter with Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) applicants. If you are unable to go the IVA route, and remain unable to clear debt, bankruptcy may be the only alternative. It is very important to understand the difference between the two arrangements.


Your best sources of information and first ports of call on this, and other debt-related issues are the free debt advice organisations such as The UK Insolvency Helpline, a National Debtline, Citizens Advice Service or its online service Advice Guide.

The really big question to answer is whether you have left it too late to clear debts without paying through the nose for help?

Debt free living..

Most of us will never enjoy debt free living. Not really. At least not for any sustained period of time.

But there does come a point for some people where wiping the slate clean, gives them the opportunity to start again. To move on. To get on with their lives...A quick cash house sale can allow you to clear all your debts.

Financial difficulties come in all shapes and sizes..

Whether you are just struggling to make ends meet or have a substantial debt burden to clear we may be able to help.

Clear debts with a quick cash house sale allowing you to release the cash tied-up in your house. Once you clear your debts you might even have cash left over. What would you do with the cash?

We deliver a quick house sale so you can release cash quickly, clear debts and move on..

You can use some of the equity in your property to get a quick house sale through us. Clear debts. Get on with your life. End of story.

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