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Client testimonials for Sell Your House Quick Help

Client testimonials

Client testimonials on Sell Your House Quick Help's services appear below.

We understand that selling property is risky for buyers and sellers alike. We also appreciate you're choosy about who you sell to or rent back from. 

You might expect us to say we're lucky to work with lovely clients (we do - our clients are great!). But luck has nothing to do with it. 

Client acceptance / selection is part of our on-going efforts to be a prudent, well-run property business (actually a "solving awkward selling situations" business). We're  focused completely on helping you get out of whatever fix you find yourself in..

Whatever your situation you may feel that with limited choices ahead you're jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

It really doesn't have to be like that. There are a number of ethical property buying companies around - we're one of them. Our proposals only work for us..if they work for you.


"The other company only offered me 50% of what the flat was worth! They must have thought I came up the Clyde in a banana boat!"

Mrs M Allan (Whitburn)


"Thank you for making life easier for me"

Mrs A. McGrath (Mid-Lothian)


"We never thought we'd sell so quickly and keep our tenants happy. Perhaps we can do business again."

Mrs M. James (Cardiff)


"Fair and fast indeed! Our new home is great. The move wouldn't have been possible without your purchase of the flat. Cheers."

Mr S. McMillan and Ms. L. Warburton (Ayrshire)


"It took us a while to get our act together - thank you for your patience and sticking with us. We're now free to reinvest closer to home."

Mr and Mrs D. Jones (Cardiff)


"..thank you for everything. We're now debt free and the house has never looked better!"

Mrs A. Downing (Norfolk)


"..don't worry about the sale being a day late. I've been impressed with the way you've handled the transfer of the house and dealt with our concerns about renting. Since Roberta's diagnosis our days are precious...."

Mr I. Peterson, (Ayrshire)


"..it's great to be debt free and not have people chasing us for payment! ..also thanks for helping us with payments while the sale went through. It really made a difference.."

Mrs A. Robb, (Kent)


"...Hard to believe the sale went through six months ago. We're all well though the cat is now diabetic. It's a full-time job looking after him - just as well we went on holiday last month. What a difference not to be paying the mortgage! .."

Mrs S. Rolls, (Glasgow)


"thanks for saving the day and helping me through the sale. After walking out I was ready to hand the keys back to Kensington"..

Mr M. Fuller, (Cardiff)


" thanks for taking on my tenants and my scruffy flat. Also for the efficient handling of the sale. We can now get on with buying a property together in Edinburgh.."

Ms J. Howie (Falkirk)


"..after our loss and now separation, I am really grateful for your sensitive approach to the situation. As you know I was very worried about renting back..especially with the dogs. Thank you for your quiet professionalism and making things easy for me.."

Mrs P. Birch (Yorkshire)


"... the purchase of our flat wasn't straightforward I know, but thanks for keeping us posted throughout. The rent back is ideal for the family.."

Mr J. Murray (Edinburgh)


"Do you ever stop being concerned about people? Thank you very much Yvonne "

Mrs M. Tom (Dundee)


"It's been nice to deal with people who are on the ball and who provide regular updates. We're now settling in. The fact that everything went as smoothly as it did owes a great deal to the efforts made by your team...You know you're welcome here anytime.."

Mr D. Vine (Yorkshire)


"...we felt we'd won the lottery when you told us the house was worth 30% more than we'd thought..We had no idea...."

Mr J. Davis (Ayrshire)




Sell Your House Quick Help

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