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Speed up your divorce property settlement

speeding up divorce property settlement

Speed up your divorce property settlement. If you're divorcing (or separating) more often than not it's the matrimonial or jointly owned home that proves the biggest barrier to a quick property settlement. And if there are other pressures to cope with on top - such as money worries - a quick resolution is best for everyone. Further considerations such as who will live where can also prolong your settlement.

Speeding up property settlements

The mechanics of achieving a painless resolution depend to some extent on your ability to keep relations on a civil footing. Courtrooms or mediators can be avoided if you can come to an understanding between yourselves about how your assets are to be divided up. Going to court is no guarantee of a 50:50 split. How are you dividing up your property?

The family or jointly owned property is usually the main asset to be divided up. Frequently it's the one issue which slows the whole process down.  Speeding things up is partly down to you. But calling on the services of a professional property buyer or rent back specialist can ease the burden for all concerned.  Quickly.

divorce property settlement

So if you can reach agreement about what's best for the family going forward we can help you turn your plans into reality.

Solutions for making life easier

Of course if one party can afford to buy out the other then you're sorted. You can simply proceed to finalise the property settlement without additional help. Perhaps you're focusing on refinancing after divorce? But for many this is simply unrealistic. A further consideration is that many couples simply want to see the back of the family home. Too many memories.

divorce property settlement

Emotions can run high.

Most divorcing or separating couples are looking for a fresh start or a clean break.  This means different things to different people. Speeding up your divorce property settlement may give you the best chance of adjusting to your new circumstances.

Focused on dividing up the proceeds as quickly? Some times selling quickly to finalise your divorce property settlement is all you can think about.  With the property market the way it is currently, resolving your divorce property settlement will take longer if you simply put your property on with an agent. And you'd be well-advised to brace yourself for disappointment along the way too.

divorce property settlement

A slow property market clearly doesn't help. Consider some of the facts.

There is now a glut of properties on estate agents books. According to official figures provided by estate agents own trade association, unsold properties have increased three-fold compared to the height of the property boom a few years ago.

Surveyors are gloomy about house price trends though the downward is trend is by no means uniform throughout the UK. Of course speeding up your divorce property settlement may not be crucial to you.  If maximising the selling price of your property is still priority number one it's still worth trying to sell on the open market. At least initially. But your pricing will need to take account of the new lending restrictions. This is especially problematic for Scots used to rising prices and the offers over system. To sell for a premium or not?

divorce property settlement

Nobody knows exactly what's round the corner...Depending on how risk averse you are, selling now might not be such a bad idea. The current property market is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Exploring the possibility of using a professional property buyer  at least increases your options but there is a trade-off involved. The speed of a quick sale comes at a price. But if speeding up your divorce property settlement is becoming urgent the services of a property buyer can be something of a lifeline.

divorce property settlement

If both parties are intending to move on to new accommodation using the services of a professional property buyer can avoid the prospect of your sale falling through or your house taking six months or more to sell. Particularly at the moment we're seeing a rash of sellers who've lost their buyer because the buyer can't secure a mortgage deal. As well as speed, a professional buyer will give you greater certainty - allowing you to get on with making firm plans.

credit crunch house sale

Keeping your options open

Reaching an agreement about what's best may take some time. It may also involve researching your options. This is a sensible way forward. The various routes you can choose to speed up your divorce property settlement each have positives and negatives.  Exploring all the alternatives is probably the only way of making sure you arrive at the best decision for all concerned. And of course the various alternatives may not be mutually exclusive.

If you'd like to explore how we can help you speed up your divorce property settlement please call 0800 043 0669 or complete the form below.


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