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Facing repossession? Get sympathetic help..fast

Facing repossession

Facing repossession? Running out of options?

If you have months of arrears or an eviction date you've failed to come to an arrangement with your lender. Or perhaps you've found your finances too tight to be able to keep up your additional payments to clear your arrears.

The longer you leave it the more you limit your options. As you'll be


finding out right now, the prospect of eviction from your home is stressful beyond words, especially for families. Worrying about it can take over your life.

Wondering what to do for the best?

You may already realise you can stop the process if you can find a buyer for your house. The problem is if you pin your hopes on the traditional house selling process it may not get you what you want when you want it.


Using the services of a professional property buyer simply offers you an alternative way to sell your property. And sell for cash too.

If you're facing repossession you  need to sell your home in double-quick time.  But it's a little more complicated than that, isn't it?

Not only do you need to sell fast, but you need the comfort of a certain sale. You can't leave anything to chance. You need to know your property will be sold in weeks or perhaps days.

Also worrying if you're facing repossession is that a conventional sale can take three or four months. Or even longer if all or part of the market is slow. Even then if you don't have a chain-free buyer it can take even longer. And then there's the possibility your buyer may drop out.

This brings us to another potential problem with selling on the open market if you're facing repossession. Your sale isn't guaranteed to happen. Nothing can be taken for granted. All of which is pretty nerve-wracking.

A significant proportion of house sales fail. Right now, with interest rates rising, and uncertainty in the housing market, more buyers are re-considering their financial position.

But, and it's a big but, you might get lucky. If you think you have time it is worth trying because it's the only way you'll get the most amount of money for your property.

Perhaps facing repossession has brought you to the point where you think you don't care? After all if you're repossessed your lender will sell your home to get their money back. End of story. You can walk away.

The trouble with this strategy is, by the time your property is repossessed your lender will only be thinking about how to recoup their investment. When your lender does re-sell your property you can still be left with a shortfall to pay-back.

If you're facing repossession it really is better to act in your best interests. Facing repossession may not be a life and death situation, but losing your home, which is what repossession really means, comes close.

But there might be another option worth considering.

Find a professional cash buyer who is sympathetic to your situation.






Professional cash property buyers are used to dealing with families facing repossession. They can buy your home quickly for cash while timing the sale to suit your move.

If you're facing repossession selling your home to a professional cash buyer solves a number of your problems at once.

Facing repossession? Get sympathetic help. Fast.

Perhaps one of these apply to you...

Reached stalemate with your lender?

Unable to clear arrears?

Falling behind with additional payments?

House not selling on the open market?

Facing repossession in weeks?

Got a possession order?

Reduced or fixed earnings?

Want to clear debts?

Mortgage no longer manageable?

Worried about higher interest rates?

Unclear about the process for stopping repossession?

Selling your home for cash can make sense. Most cash buyers can offer the same guaranteed sale service although not all share the same approach

You'll do best by finding a professional cash buyer who'll listen and take all your circumstances into account.

We put people before property.



Selling your home for cash when you're facing repossession..

We offer "tailor made" help to homeowners facing repossession.

Unlike an estate agent, Sell Your House Quick Help offers a certain, guaranteed sale.  If you're facing repossession a certain sale and/or payment of your arrears can stop the repossession process or threat of eviction.

With a guaranteed sale to Sell Your House Quick Help you can relax in the knowledge your sale will complete quickly.

We don't charge fees.

We don't charge for valuations (ever). We use the same independent valuation methodology used by many of the lenders and surveyors. We operate in a transparent way, so always share our research with you. If your facing repossession and selling your home for cash we make it fair as well as fast.

Your legal fees are paid by us too.

We'll give you the best cash offer we can.

You'll find it refreshing to know that the whole sale process is professionally managed by us every step of the way. Nothing is left to chance.

Your property will be sold within a month (in days if we have to) You can walk away relaxed in the knowledge your mortgage is paid off.

If you're facing repossession, selling your home for cash to a professional  buyer like Sell Your House Quick Help is by far the quickest way to get your house sold and your mortgage or debts paid. It is also the only way to be 100% certain your property will be sold.

Next step? If you'd like to have an informal chat or have questions call us on 0800 043 0669. Alternatively, complete the online form to get fast, sympathetic help.



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