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Getting a fast house sale using estate agents - special tactics

A fast house sale can be hard to come by for some types of property. Or when the local market slows down.

Estate agents aren't really geared up for delivering fast sales. But there are a number of special tactics your estate agent can use to help you sell faster.

Getting a fast house sale may mean using more than one of these tactics at the same time. A fast sale can mean hard work too. Are you up to it?

Having a flexible estate agent helps. Ideally this should be factored into your choice of agent.

Alternatively, if your house 'sticks' on the market these tactics can be used to speed things up.

Database marketing
Getting a fast house sale means finding the right kinds of buyers fast. Ask your agent to proactively call, email and/or send text messages to potential buyers of your property.

Depending on how sophisticated your estate agent's database is, he or she may have to send out blanket emails or text messages to all buyers on their database.

If this is the case, potential buyers will need to be screened to see if they have the credentials to make a fast house sale happen.

The advantage of sending emails and text messages is that they can be implemented quickly to large numbers of people.

Block viewings and open days
Allowing potential viewers to view your property in groups generates competition among potential buyers particularly if interest in your property is high. A fast sale is more likely to result, if buyers are thoroughly screened before the day itself.

Using the press
Some local newspapers will run special features on individual properties. These are often at the more expensive end of the market but not always. It's up to you, working with your agent, to come up with a good 'angle' for a small write-up.

However, the timing of press opportunities may mean they can't be accommodated within the timeframe dictated by your need for a fast house sale.

Offering cash incentives to buyers
This may sound a rather drastic move but remember you want a fast house sale.

Offering to pay a deposit for first time buyer properties can work well. On larger properties offering to pay stamp duty for a quick completion can motivate buyers.

You can also think of incentivising your agent (you'll find more on that in the estate agents section you have just come from).

Repackaging the property
Some properties lend themselves to being 'repackaged' - we are working on one of these at the moment.

Essentially this means re-presenting the property to the same or a different audience as something else. This can result in both a fast sale and /or getting more money for your property - often with no additional or minimal extra cost.

Strictly speaking an estate agent is unlikely to suggest this (it's an approach developers or investors use). But you can still ask your agent's view.

Making a fast house sale happen..the bottom line..

We're biased of course.

But if you need to sell (complete) within a month or two, an estate agent may not be able to deliver the kind of service you need.

You really need to make contact with a specialist cash buyer. A cash buyer who has the legal and financial muscle to make a fast house sale happen with certainty.

The kind of buyers who buy property through estate agents just don't have the right set-up to make a fast sale happen. What's more, they are often themselves involved in chains.

All that said, we still suggest your first port of call should be your agent. Just in case they're on good terms with any local cash buyers or chain angels.

Some agents may be reluctant to share this information for fear of losing their fee. But some have arrangements with cash buyers such that the cash buyer will pay the equivalent of the commission for the introduction (we do).

If this doesn't work, we may be able to help. But we'll need to understand a bit more about your situation. Why not contact us for an initial, no obligation chat about your requirements for a fast house sale?

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