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Using home staging techniques to impress buyers

Dress your nest to impress.

This means making use of home staging techniques - the art of presenting a house for sale looking its best.

Get your home looking good before you contact estate agents.

Think less ‘invest in my nest’ and more ‘house doctor’. And let's face it. You don't want to be spending any more money than you absolutely have to.

Home staging is all about making the best use of what's there already, with perhaps a few new bits and pieces thrown in. Again, only spending what you have to.

Agents are human too and also influenced by presentation. But remember you want quick ideas to make your house look good before putting it on the market for sale. This means:

  • Finishing off DIY jobs
  • Getting rid of clutter
  • De-personalising your property
  • Enhancing kerb appeal
  • Cleaning your house
  • Neutralising / minimising any negatives
  • Make the décor as neutral as possible
  • Maximising room functionality
  • Get the condition of rooms in balance
  • Paying particular attention to the bathroom
  • Make all changes with your ideal buyer in mind
  • Don’t try to sell an unfurnished property
  • Don’t forget finishing touches

    Not everyone has an eye for this kind of thing..I know I don't. For those of you lucky enough to live in or around Manchester then do check out my friend Kathryn's home staging site. Use the 'Some Tips' button to find more great ideas to make your house look good. In fact, anyone interested in getting top dollar for their house should have a read.

    Summing up. Home staging is more about "quick and clever" than wholesale refurbishment - making the best of what is there already. Makeup for houses. Sort of.

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