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House Buying Company Solutions

house buying company

A house buying company can offer solutions that go beyond the obvious. The trick to getting what you want out of the arrangement lies in carefully picking the right people to deal with and putting all your cards on the table.

We've dealt with these already, so letís show you how it can work. After all, there are more tried and tested ways of selling your house .. So what is it about these Ďsolutionsí that can make them attractive?

  house buying company

A company who genuinely wants to help you will be looking beyond the obvious. They will be successful because they focus only on one question: How can I help this seller? Sometimes this requires a certain amount of creativity to come up with a solution that suits both parties.

To recap for a moment: The service offered by these house buying companies is only possible because they are buying at a discount to current value. Effectively the discount pays for the service. Of course a minority of companies will try to charge non refundable fees - but you don't have to pick them!


The solutions offered by house buying companies therefore donít come cheap. However the situations facing house sellers are not always straightforward.

What if you're committed to a house purchase in Spain?

What if you can no longer manage the stairs in your property?

What if you're in financial difficulties?

...there are many reasons that can justify using a quick purchase house buyer.

But remember professional house buying companies offer a specialist buying service running to tight timescales that the average Ďhouse buyer in the streetí canít match or has no interest in providing or involves property that doesnít appeal to the average buyer. Demand for this service increases when there are is a downturn in the market. With many people struggling to sell and a more who feel they have to sell, your average house buying company can afford to be more and more selective.

Firms will say that the discount reflects the cost, risk, time and effort that goes into devising a quick house sale solution, then making it happen. The 'making it happen' bit requires commitment and determination. The plain truth is that many of the processes involved in making a quick house sale happen are resistant to being speeded up!

How much will a house buying company pay for your house?

Writing at the end of 2010, prices are largely determined by the available finance. But other factors play a role too. Most companies prefer to buy certain types of  homes in particular locations. It's therefore worth trying to find a local specialist. In 2006 you could expect up to 85% of your house's value.

 house buying company

Now prices are less clear with finance hard to come by and a surplus of property available to buy.

You could consider 65% to 75% the norm. Various schemes are also on offer that potentially pay up to 90% but you may not get your cash for years.

Unless it suits you (and we canít think why) avoid the kind of buyer who turns up, views the property, spends ten minutes with you, then leaves only to work out some figures and pop them in the post. These people are simply not deserving of your time.


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