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House conveyancing for a quick sale

House conveyancing for a quick sale can start earlier than you might think. It all comes down to careful planning.

Generally the earlier you instruct a solicitor the better. If you don't already have a solicitor in place or are not happy with the one you are currently using try to get a recommendation from someone you trust.

Alternatively, look in the Yellow Pages or try www.lawyerlocator.co.uk which is compiled by a reputable source and allows you to search by location and speciality. Another excellent is site is the law society's own web site which also allows searches by location and speciality.

Tip Solicitors are not known for their speed and house conveyancing is a prime example. Part of the reason for this is the way lawyers' cases are put together and reviewed.

Mostly a solicitor will only review the material in the file relating to your house sale when all the elements are complete. This can result in last minute delays. We've all suffered the stresses and strains this style of house conveyancing can cause.

As you want a quick sale it's generally better to find a solicitor who will review the paperwork for your house sale bit by bit, as the various elements become available. Issues can then be spotted earlier in the process. This results in relatively stress free conveyancing!

You can ask your solicitor ahead of time to prepare a draft contract and apply for the title deeds. At the same time you can be pulling together additional paperwork on the property. Also watch out for Home Information Packs (HIPS. They are intended to improve the home buying and selling process.

See www.homeinformationpacks.gov.uk and www.hipassociation.co.uk for further information.

House conveyancing for a private sale

If you are selling privately then you will be more involved in the progress of your house sale than would otherwise be the case. You will obviously be exchanging solictor's details directly with your buyer so it helps to know the likely stages in any transaction.

Tip If taking on the responsibility of managing your own house sale then use a firm of solicitors which has an online ‘track your matter’ system. This makes it easier to keep all parties informed about the progress of the various steps involved in the house conveyancing process.

The stages involved in a house sale

So what can you expect? If you are self conveyancing or planning a private sale the typical stages in the sale of a flat in England and Wales are listed below:

  • Initial communication with solicitor
  • Send documents to solicitor
  • Request deeds from lender
  • Receive deeds from lender
  • Send enquiries to freeholder / landlord
  • Draft contract and supporting papers
  • Receive additional queries from buyer’s lawyer
  • Report to client with contract for signature
  • Return signed contract
  • Obtain agreement for exchange and agree completion date
  • Contracts exchanged
  • Receive balance of purchase monies on sale and complete

    Special circumstances - dealing with cash property buyers

    If you decide to find a cash property buyer (an investor, developer or trader) then you may find that your buyer will offer to pay your legal fees for your house conveyancing or at least pay your legal fees up to a certain limit.

    This is very common among trade property buyers and there's nothing sinister in the buyer's offer. Your buyer is simply trying to make their offer as attractive to you as possible.

    There are other advantages too. It usually means that your buyer will be able to buy faster if you use a solicitor they are familar with or who has worked with their solicitor in the past.

    House conveyancing for a quick sale isn't easy easy - we should know. But sifting through a few solicitors to find the right one will make life much easier.


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