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What are your best house selling tips?

House Selling Tips



No one has a monopoly on house selling tips. We certainly don't. And have you noticed some so-called tips are bandied around so often, they're pretty much not tips at all? Just statements of the obvious. Duh.


What we mean by tips implies something secret. But more than that. Guidance too. It also implies they'll be a pay off somewhere down the line. More money. Less time. And so on.


After all, why do so many people seek out tips? You got it. It's somehow useful, insider information that may not be immediately obvious or generally available. And what is obvious to one person may not be obvious to the next person. Right?




It's for that reason that soon we'll be inviting you to make your own contributions directly on this this page.


Do you have house selling tips or perhaps a story you'd like to share? What's helped you sell a house quickly? What's not worked?


It's easy to forget to, that while many people have bought and sold property throughout their lives,  others are first-time house sellers.


But we're getting ahead of ourselves..




Why genuine house selling tips are worth their weight in gold. Well almost..


Ask any house seller what kind of house sale they want and invariably they'll reply, "quick" or "easy" or "smooth" or "hassle-free". We hear these words every day.


And not just from people who need to sell quickly either. Nope. Most folks will settle for a stress-free house sale any day of the week. Complications and delays add to the pressure.  Wouldn't you like house selling tips that take the pressure off? Just a bit. Maybe? Tips for selling your house quickly?


A high proportion of house sales never make it to the finishing line. And the numbers are rising.


Right now with interest rates in the UK continuing to head north, buyer finance (affordability) and sales chains are particular problems. House buyers are getting cold feet or are still not pricing their property to sell (remember, most of us are doing both at once!).




Help is at hand.


Our house selling guides and tips are crammed with useful stuff.  Some of it you may have already ticked off your "to do" list. But have you really?


Some house selling tips will challenge your existing views. Which is a good thing. In the end you'll make your own mind up.


The house selling guides have been designed to give you more confidence in how you sell. And to help you sell well. Our guides cover the full range of house selling options but probably not all the angles. They're not encyclopaedias..and we're only human.


The property market is changing. And the way we sell property is changing.


Our house selling tips (and soon, those contributed by you) will help you sell smarter.  Use them to fast-track your house sale.





Our house selling tips are independent


We're professional cash property buyers providing specialist services to a small number of homeowners. We have no axe to grind.


We're busy enough assisting house sellers in need of specialist help.  But what we can do is bring you insider house selling tips. Ours and yours. The rest is up to you.


Heard the expression "on the same page"? Or "on the same wavelength"? 


If there is a selfish motive at work it's harder to buy a house from someone who's not reading the situation in quite the same way you are.  The house buyer - house seller relationship requires a common understanding.


So if you have tips to share that will help other house sellers we want to hear about it...


But first you have to "give to get". So...





Our house selling tips for a quick house sale..


Our best house selling tips for working with estate agents will help you in your search for the right agent. Want another tip for helping you get the most from your relationship with your estate agent. Speak to your agent. Really speak to your agent.


It's surprising the number of house sellers who only have a cursory relationship with their agent. Court your agent and it will pay off big time. If your relationship with your estate agent is superficial, then your house could take some time to sell. Human nature being what it is, many agents will inadvertently take their cue from you. They'll simply tell you what they think you want to hear.


Using property auctions to sell your property can work well for some properties. But what you see on television can be misleading. Our best tips for property auctions place the emphasis on what you're selling. But if there's something else you want to take away right now about auctions, it's the importance of understanding the psychology of auctions.


We've also included guidance on using a professional cash homebuying service. We think  homebuying services have a legitimate role to play outside the mainstream property market, for those "awkward" situations and inconveniences life throws at us.


And while the press is quite correct to raise specific concerns from time to time, largely because the professional cash buyer/house buying market has yet to be regulated, our tips will help you get a sensible, square deal. Just don't confuse a cash buyer's professional guaranteed house sale service with the kind of sale you get on the open market through an estate agent.


Our house selling tips for a private house sale  cover a number of important areas, including your property valuation.  Just don't underestimate the amount of work involved! Cutting out the middle-man (or woman), normally an estate agent, doesn't make for an easier life.


We're also coming round to the view that private house sales work better in areas of strong demand or higher density housing. Don't put all your faith in a private sale web site if you live out of town. Finding prospective buyers (doing the marketing) could be your biggest challenge.




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