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House selling made simple...

house selling


House selling is one of life's great roller coasters. It's thrilling and nerve-racking all at the same time. But let's put it into perspective.


We can help you sell quicker. For a better price - even in a very patchy market, as we have in 2010, no matter how you decide to sell...using..


..estate agents

..property auctions

..selling privately

..or to cash buyers

What we can do is bring you insider tips and tactics.



But we don't have a monopoly on tips.

Contribute your own tips to our house selling tips page. They'll appear directly on our site. In the current climate all ideas are welcome - from house sellers and estate agents alike.



Do you have a burning question to ask on your house sale?

Go on ask a question here


house selling tips


Getting a successful sale


Everyone wants a simple, quick house sale (us too). No stress, no hassle. The reality can be very different.


Around a third of transactions fail. Though the number is likely to be on the rise as the credit crunch takes hold.


The reasons vary depending on market conditions. Survey issues, property chains, buyer finance..they can all conspire against you. And who needs it?


You need our house selling guide. Our guide for a quick house sale will help you sell quicker even during the credit crunch.


Need more help? Our free report on selling your house quicker is as relevant now as it was when we wrote it.


It's been designed to give your more confidence in your choice of how you sell. And to help you sell well.


Our guide covers the full range of house selling options.


The way we sell houses is changing. True, estate agents still sell the vast majority of residential property in the UK. But for the first time we now have a generation of homeowners who've never sold a property through an estate agent.



house selling tips


Our guide is independent..


Putting our cards on the table.


We're professional cash property buyers providing specialist services to a small number of homeowners.


We wouldn't buy every available property....even if we could. But we do come across vendors who are unaware of all their options. It just keeps surprising us...


If there is a selfish motive here it's that it's harder to help a homeowner by buying their house if they are not reasonably well informed. And if it's harder for us..think how your buyer might feel.


Our guides aren't encyclopaedias. They've been designed to cover your major questions and the most common sources of confusion or difficulty.



house selling tips


Our house selling guides


If you want to sell your house quickly you need to be realistic. We've included an overview of the main considerations involved in selling quickly.

Just want a brief snapshot of your options? The pros and cons of the various choices open to you can be found at our summary of the various ways you can sell your house.


Our guide to using estate agents includes sections on how to sell quickly with an agent and what to do when things go wrong.


In property auctions we cover the least well understood areas. How to decide whether an auction is right for your property and how the psychology of auctions impacts your pricing strategy.


Cash buyers explains in straightforward terms the in's and out's of working with cash property buyers. We've told it pretty how much "how it is".


And for those of you exploring whether selling privately is for you we've focused on marketing and finding the best house buyers. Essentially what an estate agent is normally paid to do.



house selling tips



And, finally..because things do change...


Most of us have limited experience of house selling. Mostly we use estate agents. So in response to the increasing numbers of you who find your house "stuck" on the market we've included some top tips for getting your house sold - no matter what the market is doing. Likewise, updated help on what to do if your buyer drops out or you're left trying to sell a house that's stubbornly refusing to sell.


Many people find themselves with an inherited property on their hands. We know that some people are relaxed about letting an inherited property with no mortgage sit on the market for months. If the property is mortgage free it may not cost a lot but if you're not one of them you may want to consider quick cash sale of their inherited property

We've also noticed that a high proportion of the people contacting us about selling their ex council properties are first time sellers. So we've prepared some special tips just for you, about selling in general and selling fast.

Ask your question here


Do you have a question about selling your house?

Do you have a question about selling your house? Ask away!

Enter Your Topic

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