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House valuation in Scotland for a slow market

House valuation in Scotland for a slow market

House valuation in Scotland for a slow market is even harder to navigate than in the rest of the UK.

The majority of properties in Scotland are sold using the Scottish "offers over" system, with the remainder sold at a fixed price.

An early sign the Scottish property market is slowing?

An increase in the number of fixed price properties coming onto the


Scottish surveyors are now speaking about a slowing down of the market after eight consecutive years of growth. Certainly the east coast market (in general) seems to be holding up better as is the north. Proof? Just look at the number of fixed price properties for sale in and around Ayrshire at the moment. Likewise the market is slower further south in and around Stranraer.


Perhaps it's also the influx of estate agents to the west too, being a bit more commercial than their solicitor counterparts. At the end of the day, most vendors want to sell and do what they can to encourage offers.

House values in Scotland aren't static. House valuation in Scotland for a slow market starts to produce a gap between surveyors' valuations and what buyers will pay or can afford to pay.

Your house valuation in Scotland for a slow market should rely heavily on local knowledge. A good surveyor can be invaluable - but you'll need to ask the right questions.

Most of us are used to house values going up. And house values do go up over the long term. In some instances very dramatically.

But at a specific point in time if you wish to price your property to sell, you may have to price your property at a level  below  a surveyor's valuation.

Bear in mind that in the Scottish offers over system buyers will typically get a property surveyed before making an offer.

The surveyors valuation is not a market appraisal - its the maximum amount that a lender should consider securing against a property. This valuation allows the lender some protection since most buyers put a deposit down on their property. It is not the price at which the property could be re-sold "tomorrow".

Costs for a survey start at around 100 plus VAT depending on the price of the property and are useful for sellers (as well as essential for buyers).




The single seller survey may make life easier but in the meantime ...

Fixed price versus offers over..house valuation in Scotland for a slow market.

In our view the offers over system works best for:

- low and mid priced flats

- highly desirable family properties

- unique properties or those with development potential

- property in the best locations

This is true regardless of market conditions. In a slower or slowing market some care should be shown. House values go up as well as down.

For example, it is not unusual for flats in Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh to be priced in such a way that the final price can be a good third over the starting price.

On the other hand, for average homes in less sought after locations, the expected offers over premium might only be a third.

For some properties in some locations this has led to a scramble amongst first time buyers and investors.

This can lead to buyers having some problems with financing their property. We're now regularly speaking to Scottish house sellers whose sale has failed at least once due to the buyer failing to get finance.


Artificially low starting prices don't help.

In some places the buyers aren't around.

Over supply in some locations mean rents are falling and values are following suit. Think of the new waterfront developments in Glasgow and Edinburgh - these flats are difficult to give away with builders ever more creative in what they're offering by way of incentives.

Canny buyers and renters also know rental values are falling in secondary towns like Kilmarnock where a large number of properties have been bought by investors. It's all about supply and demand.


Where does house valuation in Scotland for a slow market leave you?

Particular care should be taken with valuing and pricing your home if:

- there are many similar properties for sale in your area for similar prices

- people selling average family homes who want to sell promptly

- people selling first time buyer properties including ex council properties in smaller towns and more rural locations

- individuals pricing their properties for a quick sale

When you contract with a estate agent (or solicitor) they don't guarantee to sell your property or find you a buyer.

House valuation in Scotland for a slow market means pricing your property attractively.

When the market is slowing down, the fact your neighbour sold a house similar to yours three months ago for 80,000 or 380,000 does not mean your property will fetch the same price now.

By all means test the water. This isn't a bad choice if you can wait until the right buyer comes along. No one wants to throw money away. But keep talking to your solicitor/agent and asking for feedback.  Is the marketing of your property ok? Make sure your property is listed on Rightmove if it's listed with an agent. If selling with a solicitor they will give you the option of listing your property on the relevant regional solicitors property centre web site. Take it.

Still no viewings or far fewer than expected? Chances are your house valuation for a slow market is too high. This means your property is over-priced for current market conditions.

Wishful thinking won't sell your property. Your house valuation in Scotland for a slow market should be realistic. This might mean going the fixed price route but don't build all of the premium into the price. This means selling for less than a surveyor's maximum valuation.

At the end of the day solicitor and estate agents don't guarantee to sell your property or find you a buyer. When you have all the available information at your finger tips - make your own decision about your house valuation in Scotland for a slow market and how you price your property.


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