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Learn 'how to sell my house' in a weekend..

How to sell my house in a weekend? Surely some kind of gimmick? Well..no actually.

The good news is that by asking the question 'how to sell my house' it sounds like you are already taking responsibility for a successful, quick house sale. A great start.

If you have estate agents or potential buyers coming round next week to value or view the property then you really need to be speaking to your solicitor to get on top of the legal side of things.

Next up. Putting some effort into getting your house ready for sale. 'How to sell my house in a weekend' suggests speed is the most important factor. This means we're not even talking home staging here. Just the bare minimum to help you sell your house quick. Things you can do fast, for little cost that will make a big impact on potential buyers (and estate agents).

This means your focus should be on tidying up and removing unwanted or unused clutter, cleaning, repairing and above all, making your home inviting.

Drive-by / kerb appeal

  • If you have a front garden tidy it, and make sure the front path is pristine.

  • Depending on the time of year, add colour and interest with potted plants, a hanging basket or window box.

  • See to any quick repairs on gates and fences and walls. Repaint if scruffy.

  • Cast a critical eye over the front door. Cracked glass? Chipped paint? Broken tiles? Replace / repaint / repair as needed.

  • Clean windows and wash any dirty paintwork.

    Clear up and clear out

  • Get rid of clutter. This means getting rid of anything in a room that does not belong. If you can’t find a home for it – throw it out.

  • Find items you have not used in more than a year? Remove. Throw out or put in the attic or into storage if you really must.

  • Containers such as baskets and boxes are useful for hiding clutter including children’s toys. If they can double as a table surface so much the better.

  • Don’t forget to tidy out cupboards as buyers will almost certainly look in these.

  • Tidy the garden. Cut the grass, trim hedges and bushes, and remove any items that can be stored in sheds or cupboards.

    Tip The chances are you can throw out way more than you think. After all, I think we’ve all unpacked from a move to find things that leave us asking ‘why did I bring THAT?’ So when you’re tidying up have half an eye on your move. And we all know what that means. Packing and unpacking. It really works!

    Got more time to devote to the how to sell my house question? Then go over the house room by room checking that each room has a clear focal point and function.

    Play close attention to any items that will communicate aspects of your lifestyle to the buyer. On some level buyers have to be able to identify with the lifestyle that the house suggests.

    Deep down we are all aspirational. These kinds of objects exhert a powerful influence over buyers and include all manner of lifestyle accessories including home office kit, kitchen & dining acccessories and garden furniture. The key question is always: can your potential buyers imagine living there?

    As you can see our tips for learning 'How to sell my house in a weekend' aren't complicated but simply a sensible investment of your time.

    Sell Your House Quick Help

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