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I need to sell my house - sell quicker with our help

I need to sell my house

I need to sell my house! Just the situation our clients find themselves in. They want to sell but their situation is such they must find an answer to their problem quickly; they can't afford to hang around.

If this describes your predicament, then you're in the right place.

Sometimes the need to sell is driven by unforeseen events. Someone in your family may be ill or frail. You may no longer be able to afford the upkeep of your house.  At other times it's part of a wider plan to move or emigrate. Whatever the reason you need to sell, you know you need a quick solution.


I need to sell my house


Exactly how you decide to sell will depend on your situation. You may well have more than one option. If after looking at alternatives you decide a quick house buyer is the answer, speak to us - we're here to help. We'll talk you what's involved step-by-step.

If you find yourself in this position it's likely that your house sale in constrained by:

- requirement to sell more quickly that you could selling through a national chain of estate agents

- needing to secure a firm and final offer for your house

- an ability to specify precisely when your house is sold

In a nutshell if speed, certainty and flexibility feature high on your list of requirements then please contact us.



I need to sell my house - extra HELP

There is of course one group of home owners and clients who sometimes need extra assistance: people who've not sold a property. It can be daunting if you've had no previous experience of instructing selling solicitors.

We've always believed it's important sellers understand the process. This is doubly true you're under additional pressures to sell. We can provide a step by step guide to the selling process whether in Scotland, or England and Wales.  You should also inform the solicitor representing you that you may need additional help understanding terms.



Of course there are a huge number of help to sell quickly companies. Selling to us offers the following benefits:

- the price is based on an independent valuation and not a notional value related to today's likely selling price. This way of calculating offers typically leads to higher and more objective (fairer) pricing - and offers

- full written terms and conditions detailing the process, step by step, in plain English


I need to sell my house


- your sale can be organised around a quick exchange / conclusion of missives, giving you a fast, legally binding sale.

- flexible settlement / completion, allowing the sale to be finished when it suits you

- no fees to pay which means no deductions from the offer price.

For an initial no obligation chat please call  0800 043 0669 or simply complete the online form.

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