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Need an instant property sale?

instant property sale

We won't try to hoodwink you with the promise of an "instant" property sale.  After all, you know your house isn't sold until it's sold and there's cash in your pocket.

What we can do is give you the next best thing. A fast offer to help and a committed professional buyer who can then speed up the usual legal process. Here's how it works...

instant property sale


Not an instant house sale..just much, much faster

We're unwavering in our commitment to buy your house in as short a time as possible.

Selling to us is much faster than selling on the open market. Just as important, it has none of the usual upsets and disappointments that come with selling through an estate agent or solicitor. So not instant, just much faster.


instant property sale

If you've sold a house before you'll know the process takes time. And frankly, selling on the open market is not the place to find an instant property sale, or anything like it. Some of the delays you'll have experienced are avoidable.  We remove the avoidable delays, and uncertainties.

The buyers you find on the open market aren't usually focused on your sale 100%, 100% of the time. What's more they have finance to find, are usually in a sales chain, and have a habit of trying to renegotiate the price of your property after the survey. And they may even start to have doubts about the sale.


instant property sale

This leads to a prolonged selling process. Nothing like the rapid property sale you may need.

This usually means losing time and money. Most likely your house didn't sell for the full asking price, and the price may have dropped again post-survey. All the while you still have to pay your mortgage and selling costs.

All our sales are chain-free.  And once a price is agreed we stick to it. But more than that, we can turbo charge the legal process too.


instant property sale


The RICS says the average house sale now takes 85 days. We can slash this figure. Big time. By around two thirds. More, when we have to. 

Selling to us usually takes four weeks - and this is with some effort. The difference is, while the same steps are involved, legally speaking, professional property companies can take specific measures to speed things up for you. And while this doesn't quite give you an instant fix - it's fast.


instant property sale


An instant property sale?

While selling to us is plain selling it's important to realise at the get go, that any house sale involves a legal process. 

Certain tasks are outside the direct control of the buyer, seller and solicitors. Second,  the correct paperwork has to be in place to remove the risks to both the buyer and seller.


instant property sale


Professional buyers have a number of tricks up their sleeve that can vastly reduce the time to exchange and completion. As a rule of thumb these are held in reserve for  "emergency" situations such as imminent eviction. This is because they can increase the risks for the buyer.


instant property sale

But back to the instant property sale. What about selling your house in 10 days  or exchanging in five or seven days? Or even the dreaded "instant" property sale?

You can get a firm offer very quickly. And can you exchange in a week. Legally. You can exchange almost instantly if the occasion demands it. Special indemnities and contracts are used to protect the buyer.

instant property sale


Compared to selling on the open market, where selling now takes nearly three months, this is an instant property sale. 

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