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Long term illness? Selling and renting back property can help

long term illness selling renting back property

Long term illness - selling and renting back property. Sadly,  chronic illness is indiscriminate and its consequences are felt by most of us at one time or another. Just when you need to be focused on yourself or your family who needs accommodation or money worries?

Illness also brings priorities into sharp focus. And traumatic although it is, it doesn't have to mean losing your home.

Even if you can cope with your monthly outgoings, you may feel there are better uses for the cash locked in your property. If you or a family member has a chronic condition or long term illness, selling and renting back your property can let you simply enjoy your money, pay for additional care, compensate for loss of income or pay for any special adaptations to your home. And if you already have invested in having your home adapted why would you want to move elsewhere?

long term illness selling renting back property

Going by the experiences of our clients managing around a long term illness, selling and renting back your property can help if you are:

- caring part time for a family member who may or may not have been contributing to household income

- temporarily left with no income or reduced means while one family member retrains

- facing the prospect of a situation where one family member has to stop work on a permanent basis

- coping with a family member reverting to reduced working hours

- struggling to catch up after an enforced absence from work.


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A chronic illness or condition can leave you working reduced hours or prevent you working altogether or simply mean that household income is dramatically reduced. This doesn't have to put pressure on family finances but in some instances it does. Managing the consequences of a chronic condition or long term illness by selling and renting back your property can allow you to remain in your home long term.

If you have always done your budgeting on the basis of having two incomes it can come as something of a shock having to cope with just one. When long term illness strikes selling and renting back your property might also help you cope if you have to reduce your hours at work, or stop working for a while.


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Homeowners in these situations will typically have a number of options open to them to help them make any adjustments. Taking legal and financial advice will help you make the best decision for you.

Managing the impact of long term illness by selling and renting back your property may help you get life back on an even keel. However it's unlikely to be the only alternative open to you. For example moving to a smaller property or a property on one level may make better sense after you take everything into account. If you have sufficient equity to buy another property outright this could be the best solution all round. You may also be considering selling up and renting - this can work well in low rent areas. Remortgaging may help short term but is likely to mean you face an increase in your outgoings.


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If you are considering reorganising your finances to help deal with long term illness by selling and renting back your property we can help. Perhaps you want to come off the property ladder on a permanent basis?  Or want a more temporary solution which will reduce your outgoings and give you some  breathing space?

Managing the financial impact of a chronic condition or long term illness by selling renting back property has a number of benefits. You'll et a cash lump sum to spend or save as you choose. You'll also get your cash quickly -  and you don't have the worry of wondering whether your sale will fall through. And it helps you avoid the stresses usually associated with finding somewhere else to live. The rent you pay may well turn out to be less than your current outgoings. If you need extra help we can even arrange a rent free period.

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If you'd like to explore how managing your finances through a chronic condition or long term illness by selling and renting back your property might work call 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the online form below. You'll find us refreshingly focused on your needs rather than your property.

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