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Mortgage To Rent In Scotland

mortgage to rent Scotland

Mortgage to rent in Scotland? Perhaps? Above all else we're here to help you keep your house your home. The information here is intended to help you find out more about mortgage to rent schemes and whether they might be the right thing for you and your options for finding help.

Moving from mortgage to rent in Scotland is also sometimes known as "sell and rent back" or "sale and lease back". In Scotland you have at least two alternatives. A Government run scheme, or finding a sell and rent back provider to help. Preferably, one run by Scots.

mortgage to rent Scotland

Option one the Government run alternative

 In Scotland, Communities Scotland, the Scottish Government's housing and regeneration agency, operates the National Mortgage to Rent Scheme. The Communities Scotland mortgage to rent in Scotland scheme allows a social landlord to buy your property and rent it back to you. However, certain qualifying criteria apply in terms of your circumstances and house value.

Truthfully this scheme only caters for a minority of people as it's designed to help those suffering financial hardship - people facing mortgage arrears and in danger of having their homes repossessed. However, if you find yourself in this kind of situation it is worth making enquiries.

mortgage to rent Scotland

On the plus side this mortgage to rent in Scotland scheme will offer you full market value for your home. However, the social landlord will deduct the cost of repairs from the price. Repairs may cover things you wouldn't initially have considered such as "standardising" your house to bring it into line with others that the social landlord owns.

However all that said, it can be a good mortgage to rent  alternative for people who are otherwise vulnerable to getting low offers from other providers of mortgage to rent schemes.

You'll find the contact details for Communities Scotland in our directory.

mortgage to rent Scotland

Option two - find a Scottish sell and rent back specialist

The mortgage to rent in Scotland option is also provided by specialist Scottish sell and rent back companies. These cater for people considering the mortgage to rent route for a much broader range of reasons than those covered by the Communities Scotland Scheme. The non Government option can also accommodate a broader range of properties.

Should you decide to contact specialist Scottish sell and rent back companies you'll probably come away with the impression that some are more interested in your property than you. At least that's what our clients tell us! But opting for a mortgage to rent in Scotland solution doesn't have to be like that.

mortgage to rent Scotland

When it comes to mortgage to rent in Scotland we turn the usual-property-company-way-of-doing-things on it's head.

Our starting it point is always you... What your plans are and what you're trying to achieve.

That's because we specialise in helping people overcome whatever awkward situation they find themselves in.

Some people say only use a cash buyer or mortgage to rent in Scotland specialist if your need to sell outweighs your need to get best price for your property. As far as sell and rent back arrangements are concerned this is an over-simplification of the the truth as you'll see later on.

mortgage to rent Scotland

Your house is your most important asset. You won't want to give it up lightly. But perhaps even more importantly, it's your home.  You'll want to be certain you're in safe hands. So...

Naturally you'll have lots of questions. The more you think about the the mortgage to rent option the more questions you'll have. We think that's a good thing.

We're here to answer all your questions...

mortgage to rent Scotland

Mortgage to rent Scotland - the big questions

When people speak to us about mortgage to rent in Scotland the three questions uppermost in their minds are:

How much will they get for their property?

How long can they remain in their home?

How much rent will they be paying?

We have no hard and fast rules about the length of time we'll keep a property. It all depends on you.  But we don't just say the things you want to hear. We do them too. The terms we agree are incorporated into your lease which gives you the automatic right to re-new it as long as both parties (you, us) keep up our obligations under the lease. Or if preferred, we can provide you with consecutive leases.

mortgage to rent Scotland

The level of rent you pay is really up to you. All that we ask is that we make a "fair return".

The thing you have to bear in mind is that the purchase price and the rent you pay are always related to some extent. We typically work back from what you tell us is your "affordable" rent.

What this means is that you set the purchase price when you give us an indication of your target rent. However, where possible, we like to give you a number of options to consider based on the principle the more we pay for your property..the higher the rent.

But is it right for you? We specialise in mortgage to rent in Scotland solutions. So as providers of sell and rent back services across Scotland we realise we could be together for years. So if a sell and rent back solution isn't right for your circumstances we'll be the first people to tell you.

Read more about mortgage to rent in Scotland or call us on 0800 043 0669 for an initial chat about your plans. Alternatively complete the form below.

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