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Pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale

Pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale

Pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale. A quick cash house sale that's guaranteed to complete. Only a guaranteed sale will take the pressure off you. And that's something you can't find on the high street.

Mortgage arrears can easily get out of control

The problem with mounting mortgage arrears is that your situation can easily snowball out of control unless you get to grips with your situation early on...For one reason or another many homeowners are unable to.


Others choose to ignore the problem hoping they'll find a solution. It's not unusual for mail from a lender to be put to one side unopened.

But unless you can find a financial solution or come to an arrangement with your lender you may have to sell your home. But your first port of call should always be to speak to your lender. Many are genuinely sympathetic - especially if you have a good record of making your mortgage payments.


One thing is for sure. Your mortgage arrears will have to be paid. If not now, then by arrangement, bit by bit.

And what of that snowball we mentioned earlier?

Mortgage arrears will cost you dearly because lenders apply interest on the outstanding amount. There may well be other late payment charges too. Who needs the stress and worry of it? Finding a reputable professional property buyer who will pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale can fix your problem...


You can't solve what you don't see

We suppose some people who have mortgage arrears through no fault of their own have difficulty admitting there's a problem. They're embarrassed. Silly really. We're all human. Ill-health. Reduced working. Redundancy. Higher mortgage payments. These every day events hit ordinary people...

Like Nina and Michael. A couple in their early fifties with two daughters. Up until recently they've coped fine with all their commitments. Then suddenly Nina was hit with a back problem. Bang out of the blue. As a result, Nina's deteriorating condition means she's had to reduce her hours at work. Later on she'll have to give up work altogether.


Nice people. Nice family. But it does mean their mortgage payments are a real stretch, and completely unaffordable when Nina gives up work.

So they approached us, after contacting a number of cash buyers. Problem sorted. But we know, because we have a good relationship with them,  they found it difficult to ask for help. Luckily they didn't leave it too late.

If you want to pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale you'll do well to act likewise, regardless of how you got there. Or who you sell to.



Don't leave it too late..

You'll see lots of web sites telling you to "Act now".  While this is sales speak to some extent, they have a point.

Arrears can get to the point where they place you in a very precarious position.

How so?

While repossessions can easily be stopped (there are tried and tested procedures for doing so), significant arrears can be an insurmountable problem. Once added to your original mortgage loan(s), along with interest and penalties you can end up owing nearly the value of your house.

If your mortgage arrears are in danger of wiping out your equity you really must act sooner rather than later (regardless of how/if  you sell).


Pay off your mortgage arrears with a quick cash house sale

An experienced professional property company can pay off mortgage arrears virtually immediately (there are ways and means).Your mortgage arrears are cleared even before your cash house sale completes. How reassuring is that?

Deciding to pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale isn't admitting defeat. Quite the reverse. You're taking back control.

Remember you really need a guaranteed cash house sale to pay off your mortgage arrears.


While an estate agent will undertake to try to sell your house, only a professional property company can guarantee to buy your house for a pre-agreed price, by a pre-agreed date.  If the distinction isn't clear initially re-read the paragraph. A cast iron, watertight cash house sale.

And just because you're in a bit of a squeeze, don't think you can't get a fair deal.  We never forget you have a choice.


You can speak to us about how we can help pay off arrears with a cash house sale. You can ask anything you like. Be prepared for straight, honest answers.

Our phones are staffed by real people - no call centres. So you'll get immediate assistance.

You can kick the process off by giving us a call on 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the online form so we can contact you to have an initial chat about how you can pay off mortgage arrears with a cash house sale.

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