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Pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale

Pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale

Pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale. Not just any old house sale, but a quick, guaranteed house sale. We can take the pressure off you.

Imagine the freedom..

Freedom from rising interests rates, and endowment shortfalls. Freedom from the punitive interest rates charged by many of the subprime lenders... We rescued one couple from a mortgage interest rate of 9%. Yes, that's right. A whopping 9%.


We've enjoyed low interest rates for so long, many homeowners gambled by taking short term fixed rate mortgages. These are now lapsing back to variable rates. Ouch.  And with more homeowners coming off fixed rate mortgages, more are struggling. It's no fun. What the press are calling "rate shock".

If you're suffering with higher mortgage payments, deciding to pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale lets you take back control of your life.`


Paying off interest only mortgages with a quick house sale

Take Frank. Aged fifty-nine, still working, in good health, with an endowment maturing shortly. Will it pay off his interest only mortgage? No. Can he get a decent break from one of the many providers of equity release products? Not a chance. Too young. Too healthy.

If you're facing a shortfall there are a number of possible options open. But the older you are the more your options narrow. Frank's decided that using a quick house sale to pay off his mortgage is a good deal.


Struggling with rising mortgage payments?

Deciding to pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale might also be attractive if you're struggling with your monthly mortgage payments or worried about coming off your fixed rate mortgage.

You can of course chance your luck with selling your house on the open market but this could take months. And there are no guarantees.

In fact at the moment, with the housing market slowing down, at least in patches, you need to put energy and commitment into your sale to sell your house quickly.  Leaving it up to agents can be disastrous for the best of reasons. Agents simply have different concerns to you.


In fact, some people do decide to pay off their mortgage with a quick house sale on the open market. At least initially. It's not the same thing at all. A quick house sale offered by a professional property buying company is a completely different service. Which is why seeking a quick house sale through agents can land you in the soup. We should know. Some homeowners knock on our door when their house has failed to sell as quickly as they'd hoped...You need to way up the risks and benefits for you and decide accordingly.


You will always achieve a better price for your house selling on the open market. That's true. Of course it is. But there comes a point when that's not your primary concern (but we recognise you'll still want a fair deal).

Pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale - the benefits

Paying off your mortgage with a quick house sale managed and delivered by a professional property buying company has benefits you may not have considered.

It's guaranteed to happen. This very fact will take the pressure off. An estate agent does not guarantee to sell your property.

It will also happen far quicker than a sale on the open market. This will save you money that would have been spent on mortgage payments.


You'll be a cash buyer too when you buy your next property - and so you should be able to negotiate a discount on your next home. We can also give you time to house hunt so there's no pressure to move out on the day of completion.

And then there's other cash savings when you decide to pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale. We always pay your legal fees. And, depending on the nature of your estate agency contract (if one's in place), we'll pay your agent's fees too.

You can kick the process off by giving us a call on 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the online form so we can contact you to have an initial chat about how you can pay off your mortgage with a quick house sale.

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