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Quick cash sale of inherited property

quick cash sale - inherited property

Quick cash sale inherited property? Finding yourself with an inherited property on your hands is usually a mixed blessing. Likewise when dealing with probate property or having to go through the process involved in obtaining a grant of probate.

We do understand that the circumstances surrounding the sale of inherited and probate property are likely to be upsetting and stressful for all concerned. Some people opt for a quick cash sale for inherited property to a probate property buyer.

quick cash sale inherited property

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. A quick cash sale inherited property may not fit in with your aims.

You have several alternatives open to you for disposing of inherited or probate property. The right choice for you and your family may depend on your frame of mind, and the circumstances surrounding the prospective sale.

Maximising the proceeds from the sale

If you're quite clear that your objective is to get the most you can for your inherited property your best bet is to sell through an estate agent. Unlike a quick cash sale for inherited property, using an agent will have an uncertain outcome, means your property will take months rather than weeks to sell but your patience should be rewarded with a higher price.

quick cash sale inherited property

And don't believe everything you read too. Some sources suggest that if the property is in need of updating or a complete over- haul the estate agent route is inappropriate. This will partly depend on the location of the property - the types of buyer the area attracts and pricing the property sensibly. But it helps to be aware of any issues that may surface in the survey.

Using an estate agent to sell an inherited property may cause unintended complications for other reasons. For example, if the logistics of the sale are troublesome. If the property is located some distance away, it may be worrying to leave it empty and you may find it harder to keep tabs on your estate agent.  If you have concerns about the practicalities of handling a sale at the other end of the country getting a quick cash sale for your inherited property can begin to sound more appealing.

quick cash sale inherited property


If the property is likely to be empty for months then you may have to budget for taking additional security measures to avoid vandalism or squatting. In London in particular, properties empty for only short periods are vulnerable to squatters. And it seems to be more likely to happen if the property looks run-down or neglected. Asking neighbours to keep an eye on the property may be adequate. Or perhaps another relative can move into the property as a temporary "caretaker"?

quick cash sale inherited property

Securing a quick cash sale inherited property

Getting a quick cash sale for inherited property is one way of being able to put what is may have been a traumatic period behind you - quickly. If selling quickly is more important to you than achieving the highest possible price then selling to a professional property buyer may fit the bill.  The service they offer is all about delivering convenience and speed.

A quick cash sale inherited property is intended to free up your time and reduce your level of involvement in the process. Why? Although professional property buyers are partly dependent on the solicitors they use for their quick sale process, most professional buyers are all to aware they are providing a service. And if you want to sell fast? A fast sale for your inherited property (or any property for that matter) is possible using specialist solicitors and insurances.

quick cash sale inherited property

A quick cash sale of your inherited property will be chain-free. Most professional property buyers will offer a "guaranteed" sale, only subject to survey.

However, professional property buyers won't pay the open market value for the property - what you would get selling through an estate agents in six to eight weeks. Some professional buyers stick to fixed percentage discounts or require a minimum discount. Others will assess the risk and potential of any property on a case by case basis. The risk for the buyer rises sharply in a slower or uncertain market or if the property may be difficult to re-sell.

We never forget that our service is based around you, and your priorities. If the sale of your inherited property posses awkward problems for you or you simply want the sale "done and dusted" we'll do best to help.

To find out more about speeding up the sale of your inherited property call us on 0800 043 0669. To make an initial enquiry online use the form below.

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