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Quick house sale Swansea?

quick house sale in Swansea

Quick house sale in Swansea? Is your house dragging you down? No one can wait forever for a buyer for their house but some people do have the luxury of knowing time is on their side. If you're a homeowner running out of time (or patience!) our guaranteed quick sale service might just be for you!

quick house sale Swasea

Mortgage mayhem

Our clients have decided to sell quickly for a great variety of reasons. But just now we're speaking to a greater number of homeowners with mortgage woes.

It's no secret lenders are rushing people into Court. Even high street names. If you've been unable to remortgage you may well be struggling to make payments on your lenders standard variable rate. Or perhaps you've been unable to get a further advance to fund urgent projects?

quick house sale Swansea

But it's not just mortgage mayhem that leads people to seek a quick house sale. Families also relocate or emigrate or wish to raise cash from surplus family property. Business owners also need to raise cash or settle debts. The point is life goes on regardless of what the Swansea property market is doing.

And it's  just when real life gets complicated or is less than straightforward, a quick buying service come into its own. Of course nobody wants to go down that route. But our quick Swansea house sale service can be a lifeline when you run out of other avenues. Whatever the reason you need a quick house sale you'll find us approachable and helpful. And if it turns out is is appropriate for us to make an offer for your property rest assured you'll know exactly what our numbers are based on.

quick house sale Swansea

Equity is the key to a quick house sale

You'll find us refreshingly upfront about the way we work. We have a strict "no fee" policy. Regardless of why you want to sell, or how urgent your quick house sale really is, we won't charge you a penny. However, because we don't pay the full market value of your home you will need equity in your property to use any quick house sale service.

It's the equity in your house that makes a quick house sale in Swansea possible. Unfortunately, legions of homeowners now have total debts which exceed the value of their property. While we may have some constructive advice for people in that situation, it's unlikely a quick property sale service is going to be of much use.

quick house sale Swansea

Equity isn't the "free" cash many might say it is. After all, you'll have been paying a mortgage for years. But it is the key to using quick house sale services.  There is good reason for this.

While in a rising market good estate agents are able to achieve top prices for property, they don't guarantee to take your property off your hands. If only. We do. Even when the market isn't buoyant. The distinction is crucial.

To be able to offer a quick house sale service (and make a living) we buy at fair, trade or wholesale prices. This means the quick house sale in Swansea service isn't for everyone...

quick house sale Swansea

Getting a quick house sale in Swansea

If you need a quick house sale in Swansea, our Swansea property buyer may be able to come up with a range of different options for you. We (he) is an established local business with much knowledge of the local property market both in good times and bad.

Our quick house purchase service has helped local families move on with their lives. With an existing local client base you can be secure in the knowledge that you're dealing with someone you'll always put your interests first. When it comes to providing a quick house sale in Swansea we know what's ultimately good for you, is good for us too!

quick house sale Swansea

To find out how we can get you a quick house sale in Swansea call 0800 043 0669 for an initial, no obligation chat. Alternatively, complete the form below, and we'll do our best to contact you within 24 hours.




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