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Quick house sale Wales services

quick house sale wales

Quick house sale Wales? It's not a decision to be undertaken lightly.  We know you have a choice which is why you'll find lots of resources here to help you get to know us better and make the right decisions.


Honestly. Once you have spoken to us you'll know we're different.

As Welsh property buyers we deliver quick house sales and specialist services with a sympathetic human face.


We're here for whatever life throws at you so you can get on with your life.


quick house sale wales 


Want to pay off your mortgage? Reduce your monthly outgoings?


Debts to clear? Enjoy your equity?


Reduced earnings?    Divorce or separation?


...or just need a quick house sale Wales?



quick house sale wales 


Our aim is always to take the pressure off you. We do this by making your quick house sale in Wales as simple and straightforward as possible.


Our day-to-day experience of  helping homeowners the length and breath of Wales means we understand there are times when you can't sell your house using an estate agent. Chances are you are cash or time poor. Or have some other complication which makes selling your house quickly attractive. This means if you're selling in Wales you don't need to sell through an estate agent.




quick house sale wales 


It is also possible that you're not able to sell through an estate agent. If, for example you're struggling to pay your mortgage and/or loans, and have built up arrears, you may not have the luxury of selling on the open market through agents. You need to sell quickly, and to a deadline.


But you don't need to be in financial difficulties to take advantage from our quick house sale Wales service. Far from it. With the property market stagnating, more people are using our service so they can relocate, move in with a partner or downsize.



quick house sale wales 


Our quick house sale in Wales services


The purpose of delivering a quick house sale Wales is to enable you to find a buyer for your Welsh house in as little as two days.


Please don't confuse us with the kind of buyer who walks in off the street into an estate agent's office. Our quick house sale in Wales service is our professional commitment to buy your property in the shortest possible time. You call the shots. Your sale is a foregone conclusion. That said, we never take anything for granted, and work hard behind the scenes to make your sale trouble-free.



quick house sale wales 


Why sell your house this way? Sometimes Welsh homeowners turn to us because of their own circumstances. As well as offering an assured quick house sale in Wales service throughout Wales, we really come into our own when dealing with situations that make selling through conventional channels awkward.


Alternatively, a  property may be difficult to find a buyer for or a buyer can't be found within a given period of time.



quick house sale wales 


How it works

Once we have an understanding of your circumstances and have taken details of your property, we complete our initial research to confirm your own estimated valuation (if known). It may be necessary to view your house to help firm up the initial valuation. But once we agree between us what we think your house is worth we are then able to put an offer in writing. The offer will address not just the offer price but the terms and conditions relating to the sale. If you are happy with the offer we will then instruct a survey, and once we have the surveyors report we will share this with you. We also reconfirm the offer post survey.

We do not charge fees for this service.


To have an initial informal chat about your circumstances and about our quick house sale Wales services you can either call us directly on 0800 043 0669, or complete the form below. Alternatively use the links below to get further information.



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