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Quick house sale solutions

quick house sale

Imagine a quick house sale solution tailored to your circumstances? What would you give to get your house sold quickly in the slow market we have now?

For the vast majority of people experiencing the frustration of trying to sell their house the worst that will happen is that theyíll remove their house from the market. Maybe theyíll try again in six or twelve months.

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But for some not being able to sell has further complications. Itís a similar story for people who are not able to take a risk with estate agents. They need to find someone who approaches the house sale process from a different angle.

Here is the problem: The house market is currently dysfunctional. People want to buy but they canít get finance. Too many sales are failing close to exchange of contracts or later. Checks that should determine whether a buyer can proceed or not, are clearly failing.

What can be done?

Our solution can free you from the frustration of selling. Or you can bypass a difficult market.

While most agents / solicitors do a sterling job. Others donít. But too many people put up with ropey service. Unhappy with your agent / solicitor? Itís always worth double-checking with an alternative to confirm your house is correctly priced and is getting the right exposure. We notice a pattern in the calls we get from people who have unsold. There are often two reasons. Price is out of kilter or their home is not being promoted on the major property sites.

If you can honestly tick both these boxes then perhaps itís time to consider the alternative quick sale solution.

Also please bear in mind that the difficult market we have for selling widens the gap between the most desirable homes and everything else.

Unfortunately, the value of your house may be adversely affected by the fact that itís now unsold. Most surveyors are swayed by this unless contrary evidence exists otherwise. This is a way of saying your house may not be worth what you originally thought so any offer from a quick house sale specialist like us, may have to take this into account.

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You just need a quick house sale

Are you feeling squeezed by your personal circumstances? Are your circumstances causing you difficulties?

Some deadlines are more crucial than others. A related house purchase is a typical example of when we can help. You want to commit or are committed to a new purchase thatís dependent on your sale. In our experience people are less concerned about the financial implications of pulling out on a new purchase than the consequences of losing their next home. This is often because the sale and purchase are not like for like. A change in circumstances brought on by a move, age, family or health can make the purchase Ďspecialí.

Even if your purchase is dictating how you sell opting for a quick sale solution may not be viable. Whether it will work for you depends on the type of property youíre selling, your plans and overall cash position.

Call 0800 043 0669 for an initial chat about your sale or complete the form below

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