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Quick private property sale alternatives - sell my property quickly

sell your own house

A quick private property sale - why not?  Does selling your own property appeal? Thoughts of dealing with estate agents put you off selling on the high street? Trying to reduce the cost of selling? Or perhaps you don't want the hassle of using a middleman?

The "sell my property quickly" option can work better in a rising market - when there are more buyers in the market prepared to pay a reasonable asking price. However there is nothing to stop you trying to sell your own property especially if you're trying to reduce the cost of selling or want to avoid being at the beck and call of an agent.

quick private property sale

And of course as "back up" or because speed really is essential you can always use the quick private property sale service of a property buying company.

The admin side - HIPS and Home Reports

There are a number of different ways to get a quick private property sale. How you sell your property dictates whether you need to invest in a Home Information Pack (England and Wales) or a Home Report (Scotland).

You do need to be careful.

The general rule of thumb is that if you advertise your property you need a HIP or Home Report. In this context "advertise" covers everything from home-made "for sale" boards to adverts in the local paper. It is our experience that home owners over-estimate the cost of these packs/reports. A search on the internet will reveal low cost options for both. If you're selling your own property because every penny counts its definitely worth hunting around for cheap suppliers.

quick private property sale

This means if you decide to get a quick private property sale  by finding your own buyer you can avoid estate agents fees, but not the cost of a HIP or Home Report if you have to advertise your property for sale.  But when agents are still charging more than 1% of the sale price this can represent a substantial saving.

Sell my property quickly - the options

Perhaps you think you can do better than an agent? You have three options for selling your own property. Exactly how you go about selling will depend on a) your tolerance for having multiple viewings of your home b) your ability to determine who the serious buyers are and c) aptitude/preference for negotiating directly with buyers and d) whether there are other constraints on your sale.

quick private property sale

You can do all your own advertising to find a buyer looking for a private sale. This allows you to control the level of spending and you can focus on advertising locally (if that's the best plan for your property).  There is also nothing to stop you getting your own custom made "For Sale" board.

Or you can use the services of private listings website that provides a "shop window" for people who want to advertise property. Examples include My Property For Sale and Home. Each offers different packages so it shouldn't be too hard to find something that suits.

For most people a combination of local advertising and online marketing using third party sites (as listed above) is the best option. This is because not everyone uses the internet, although these days it is by far the most popular way for buyers to find property.

quick private property sale

Depending on your talents it can be a big ask to deal with potential buyers directly. Some people are naturally comfortable in this role and can sniff out genuine buyers no problem at all.

But you may not want people traipsing around your house at all. Or have any for sale boards out side your property. For you, selling  quickly really means a private sale, and a quick private property sale at that.

So how do you get a private sale without the hassle of dealing with the public?

Get a quick private property sale without using a HIP or Home Report

Of course, it's nobody's business but your own if you're selling your property. If you want to keep it that way, you can use the services of a company or person who specialises in buying property privately.

quick private property sale

And here is a big plus.

If your property is not already advertised for sale anywhere you won't need a HIP or Home Report. This is because a sale to professional buyer occurs without any advertising or promotion.

Also, if you use the services of a specialist property buyer it's entirely possible to sell without having a single viewing - though we wouldn't recommend this - you should meet the buyer. But the fact is you can avoid anyone knowing your business and having to open your door to the public.

Deciding to opt for this kind of quick private property sale, means your sale can be completely confidential and you can choose when you sell. Full-time/professional property buyers will make you can offer for your house that will be less than you'd achieve using an agent. However selling this way has advantages of some - it all depends on your view of the best way to sell. Privacy, speed and simplicity can be the most important factor for some.

quick private property sale

So summing up. If you sell to a property buying company the pluses can include:

Convenience Using the services of a professional property buyer is the easiest way by miles to get a quick private property sale. This is for the simple reason that you contact the buyer and not the other way around. Also a property buyer will arrange the sale to tie in with your plans whether you're moving abroad, or buying a new house.

Privacy - no one need know your plans or that your house is being sold. The only time the neighbours will know your house is being sold is when the removal van turns up to load your belongings! How great is that?

Any condition of property -  a "pro" will not be phased by the condition of your property. This is fantastic news if you're selling a rundown property or property that's not been modernised for some time.

quick private property sale

No HIP or Home Report required If your first port of call is to sell to a professional property buying company you can avoid having to pay for a HIP or Home Report. But only if your property is not advertised elsewhere. In the context of needing a HIP or Home Report selling without advertising your property means the reports are not required. This saves you time and money.

No viewings by the public - you will be able to side-step the need for viewings, though its likely the property buyer will want to see the property or meet you. This avoids the need to keep your home spick and span for months or end.

If you decide you'd like to get a quick confidential property sale through a professional buying company call 0800 043 0669.

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