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Quick Property Sale Alternative That Works

quick property sale

A quick property sale can be life-enabling. Many people probably don't realise this. It's easy to be dismissive of companies offering property buying services. These services are an alternative to trying to sell through agents or can replace an agent if you fail to sell. Unless you need one.

The simple rule of thumb is: if selling your property quickly won't enable you to get on with your life then it's probably not something you need!

This alternative should not be confused with trying to sell quickly using estate agents. When advertising your property with agents a great number of factors are completely outside your control. The biggest negative is that you can't summon up a buyer precisely when you need one. Buyers found through agents / solicitors only have their own needs at heart. Hardly conducive to selling quickly unless you are able to "buck the market" which some properties do.

quick property sale

And let's forget just how confusing the property market is in 2010. Not even the experts can agree what's happening! The best time to sell in 2010 has already come and gone, as more sellers come onto the market which depresses sales and prices even before other factors are taken into consideration such as the economy or "mood" of the nation post election. A quick property purchase let's you side-step all this uncertainty.

Getting "unstuck"

The quick property sale route, can get you out of a problematic situation, make your plans happen with certainty, or get you moving again. Our aim is to  get you "unstuck".

If you have to sell your property you do need to be flexible on price. Although we will help you sell property quickly it's important you lower your price expectations.

quick property sale

One way of looking at pricing is as follows:

This is how pricing normally works; your estate agent or solicitor estate agent will give you initial guidance on the price you can expect for your property and the level you should market it at. In Scotland this is backed up by a Home Report which includes a survey. In England there is no pre-sale survey, so the estate agent's guidance becomes more important.

This guidance will largely be responsible for supporting your price expectations. You will have a sense of what your property is worth..Before the credit crunch the initial valuation was broadly the price which could be achieved in six weeks. Now different rules apply and you might have to wait months to achieve your asking price. In Scotland currently most valuations are higher than the price paid, and in England and Wales, paid prices can be no where near asking prices.

Selling can be expensive!

Also reflect on how expensive it can be to sell using agents.  You should really take into account not just the difference between asking and selling price but also extra mortgage payments, fees for solicitors, and the "cost" of not being a cash buyer - which normally helps you negotiate a reduction on your next purchase.  Don't take our word for it. We wouldn't expect you to. Do the sums yourself.

quick property sale

For a quick property sale the price is the price you're property needs to sell at to achieve an immediate sale. This, of necessity is a lower price than if you could wait months to sell. It's simple economics.

Now there is nothing to stop you putting your property on the market at a much much lower price than your agent suggests to achieve a quick property sale but it rarely happens. This is probably because sellers are giving too much away for little return, and agents may not be happy about such drastic action. After all, they are there to get you the best price.

What could a quick property sale do you for you?

Have you tried to sell using an estate agent? Have you been waiting for a buyer for more than six months? Or are you under pressure to sell as soon as possible? Or perhaps you're facing a deadline?

In all and any of these circumstances quick property sales are designed to get you moving. If you can wait for a buyer to come along, do. We'd be the first to say that a quick sale service isn't for everyone. But the plain fact is that a significant minority of people can't wait.

quick property sale

A quick property sale can help you manage the very real practical challenge of meeting a deadline. If you have to pay for a new house or take up sheltered or council accommodation or raise cash for a new business your deadline can be make or break.

Money difficulties? Quick property sales can prevent you from reaching the point where you start defaulting on your obligations or risk legal action. In fact, we're seeing a growing number of people take their fate in their own hands.  and using the quick sale route

Perhaps you've found a great house at a price you can't ignore? Or you're retiring and need to raise the deposit for a house abroad? A quick property sale can help you meet the practical challenge of being free to buy. Remember: a buyer who's found a buyer for their own property will always be more attractive. And may also help you negotiate a lower price on your purchase.

Having your own chain-free buyer on tap

A quick property sale has a number of "hallmarks" that make it different from a sale you could achieve on the open market.  First off, the sale can be timed to your exact requirements. This means if you need to sell in a few short weeks or complete on a specific day it should be possible to meet your requirements.

quick property sale

A sale using a specialist will always be chain-free - the sale is not dependent on any other transactions. You don't have to worry about your buyer's sales - its like having your own first time buyer on tap.

A property buying company will also use solicitors with experience of the quick property sale format. There are a number of ways a solicitor can speed up a sale without compromising the legalities. However the solicitor should still be independent of the buyer so they are acting in your best interests at all times.

Most property buying companies will not charge you fees for the service and will also pay most or all your legal costs. Typically they also pay for the valuation.

To find out how we can help you call 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the form below.

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