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Quick sale rent back - understanding your offer

quick sale rent back

Quick sale rent back - understanding the offer. Curious about how much you're likely to get offered for your property? How much rent you can expect to be paying? Or are you expecting full market value or close for your house?

It's important to understand how the numbers work so you don't unwittingly throw the baby out with the bathwater. It's one thing to recognise that a rent back arrangement might not fit your circumstances after all. Quite another to miss an opportunity which could leave you substantially better off either financially or in some other way.

Of all the pages on our site covering quick sale to rent back schemes this is one of the most important. Reading it will stand you in good stead for finding the best solution for you.

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Why it's in your interest to understand the offer

We've yet to meet a house seller doing a quick sale rent back for the second time. This means potential clients are on unfamiliar ground.


We take time to explain the logic underpinning the quick sale then rent back arrangement. Effectively, how the numbers work. In turn this helps clients understand the thinking that goes into developing the proposal outlining the terms of the sale and rent back offer.

By gaining some understanding you're in a better position to judge what's possible and what isn't. We always aim to reach terms which have a "felt fair" quality to them for both parties. In our view this is the best basis for a long term relationship with our clients.

Of course everyone wants the best price they can get for their property. But what if this leaves you potentially facing an unaffordable rent?

There's obviously a happy medium to be found and that's what we aim to do when we structure our agreements.

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The importance of "affordability"

We aim to find the range of price/rent combinations which offer you an affordable solution and allows us a fair return. To do this we need to take into account the details of the agreement such as how long you'd like to remain in the property.

Although your first question might be how much will I get for a quick sale, our first question is more likely to be what level of rent would you find affordable? We also find out what you're trying to achieve by getting a quick sale rent back. At the end of the day the figures for the quick sale to rent back must deliver what you want. Whether it's reducing your outgoings or paying off debts or a mortgage or releasing equity.

How come? If you start out thinking you can achieve a relatively high price and low rent you're in danger of being disappointed. Likewise you need to be wary of offers that appear too low with little explanation as to how they are arrived at.

What some clients don't initially realise is that price and rent are intrinsically related. Let us explain..



Price and rent - two sides of the same coin..

Partly to counter the (let's face it) pretty negative view of property companies but also because of the kind of people we are, we like to run our business in a very open way.

This means we make time to explain how things work.  You'll know how the numbers are arrived at and what influences any adjustments we can make to shift the price up or the rent down and how they interact. That's the most important point to grasp at the outset. Purchase price and rent are related.

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Effectively you set or suggest the price when you give us an indication of the level of rent you'd find affordable.

The general rule of thumb is that the more we pay for your property as a percentage of open market value the higher our costs therefore the higher the rent needed to at least breakeven.

Put another way. You (not us) determine the purchase price of the property when confirming the level of rent you'd find affordable.

Within reason, both parties can fine tune the figures once we have your initial view on "affordability". At the end of the day, we're not so different from you. The terms we can offer for a quick sale then rent back arrangement are also governed by affordability.

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