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Sell and rent back in Edinburgh - is renting back the answer?

sell rent back edinburgh

Sell and rent back Edinburgh - motivation, money and  affordability From Bonnington to Broughton, Gorgie to Grange, Leith to Liberton, Edinburgh has become one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. Chances are if you live in Edinburgh, you won't want to move away. So what do you do when life gets complicated?


For whatever reasons your thinking about going down the sell and rent back in Edinburgh path, you want to raise a large amount of cash or get out of homeownership without moving move. Selling and staying put has become known as sell and rent back but it goes by various names. Before you jump in to exploring your options for selling to rent back in Edinburgh there are a number of things to consider.


sell rent back edinburgh


If you're thinking of selling to rent back in Edinburgh for purely financial reasons, you should also think whether there are any other alternatives open to you that might enable to you get things back on an even keel. If you haven't considered alternatives find a reputable financial adviser. It may be possible to re-organise your finances so that your outgoings are more manageable. If you're already accrued mortgage arrears investigate whether you qualify for the rent back scheme run by the Scottish Government.


sell rent back edinburgh


But perhaps you want to sell and rent back in Edinburgh for mainly non financial reasons such splitting up with a partner or paying off the mortgage. In which case question whether you really need the amount of space provided by your current home. If your children have already left home, chances are you'll be better off financially down-sizing or selling and renting on the open market. Edinburgh rents in all but the most expensive areas have been flat for some time because of the wide availability of property to rent (regardless of what the Scotsman says..).



sell rent back edinburgh


Finally it's back to money matters -again. Can you afford to rent back in Edinburgh or perhaps you can't afford not to? Companies providing services to sell and rent back in Edinburgh generally do not give you the full market value of your property. Want to remain in your home and get the full price for it upfront? Your options are severely limited. The other thing to bear in mind is that any company providing sell and rent back in Edinburgh services will at least want to cover their costs..If you follow the logic through you soon realise the higher the price paid for your Edinburgh property..the higher your ongoing rent is likely to be. Luckily, some sell and rent back providers will give you a few options to consider..leaving you to pick the one most suited to your circumstances.


sell rent back edinburgh


If you do go down the sell and rent back in Edinburgh route you should meet with your solicitor at the earliest opportunity. Of course only you can decide what is best for you. However that doesn't mean you shouldn't take legal advice. Your solicitor should be able to advise whether the agreement you believe you're entering into is reflected in the paperwork and whether any additional measures should be taken to ensure your security. Sell and rent back in Edinburgh is only a minefield if you're not properly advised and don't think through the implications of your decision.


We hope our tips help you find the right scheme to help you sell your Edinburgh house to rent back. You can find out more about how our sell and rent back arrangements in Edinburgh work by browsing through our site, calling 0800 043 0669, or submitting an enquiry form.


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