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Sell and rent back in Glasgow - tips for renting back successfully

sell rent back Glasgow

Sell and rent back Glasgow Glasgow - Tips for renting back sucessfully.  Whether you live in Cathcart or Crossmyloof, Kings Park or Queens Park, Hyndland or Hillhead, Maryhill or Mount Florida, there will be a Scottish sell and rent back scheme out there for you. Likewise there will be a rent back provider in Scotland whose terms are geared to your needs.


If you're keen sell and rent back in Glasgow subject to finding out what's on offer, one of the conundrums facing you is where to get background information on how these rent back schemes work. Although all schemes will have something in common, they'll be marked differences too. It's these differences you have to look out for. The terms you might be offered can vary quite a bit from firm to firm.


sell rent back glasgow


The media perception of sell and rent back schemes is that homeowners who rent back tend to be "cash strapped". While some may people opt to sell and rent back in Glasgow solely for financial reasons, the reality is more complex. Digging a bit deeper you find there are a wide variety of reasons why people consider this route. What they do have in common is that they feel their needs are not met by selling their house the usual way. Hence they consider going down the sell and rent back in Glasgow route.


Which brings us neatly to our first tip. You may already have mentioned to family members that you may sell your house in Glasgow and rent back. But have you taken any informed advice about what all your options are or whether it may indeed suit your circumstances? Speaking to your solicitor and/or a suitably qualified financial adviser can be helpful in this regard.


sell rent back glasgow


If you're reluctant to start incurring costs one of the no cost organisations such as Citizens Advice or Shelter, can also be extremely useful and in some instances you'll find legal services available. Check the services offered by one of the eight Citizens Advice Bureau across Greater Glasgow. Or call Shelter.


Next, scour the internet for background information on your options to sell and rent back in Glasgow. Dip in and out of sell and rent back providers' web sites and general information available on the web. This will give you some sense of what's on offer, how companies present themselves and some of  pitfalls to watch out for. As you find out more..you'll probably find your list of questions getting longer!


sell rent back glasgow


Our next tip for picking the right sell and rent back in Glasgow scheme is for you is to think through what your trying to get out of the arrangement - what are your aims? This should include how long you'd like to stay in your home and the price and rent combinations which would suit you. The price rent combinations you come up with initially may or may not be realistic - you'll soon find out...


The one thing which is useful to bear in mind for selling and renting back in Glasgow is the that the more you ask for your house - the more rent you'll end up paying (roughly speaking). So don't shoot yourself in the foot at the start. Know what your aiming for, but don't forget you might need to be flexible.


sell rent back glasgow


The next tip is common sense really. When you do start approaching companies about selling and renting back in Glasgow bear in mind that if you're looking for a long term arrangement you'll be stuck with your new landlord for years. On one level you'll want to like and trust them but regardless of that get absolutely everything down in writing and don't hesitate to ask questions again and again until your completely satisfied. If in doubt, speak to your solicitor or Citizens Advice. Alternatively if flexibility is important, make sure you're not getting tied into any agreement should you decide to move on.


We hope our tips help you find the right scheme to sell and rent back in Glasgow. You can find out more about how our sell and rent back arrangements work by browsing through our site, calling 0800 043 0669, or submitting a form.




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