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Sell and rent back - rent back with confidence!

Sell and rent back

Sell and rent back with confidence! We'll work with you to design a rent back arrangement tailored precisely to your needs. An arrangement that allows you to remain in your home as long as you want to. It may even allow you to stay in your home on a rent fixed at below market rates and can even include your pets.


Sell and stay. Could it make a difference to your life?


Many people readily see the advantages of accessing the equity in their home without the disruption of a move.  But we understand you may initially have limited understanding of what's involved and have concerns about security, price and long term affordability. 


sell rent back guide


Unsure? Prospective rentback clients can simply request a FREE sell and rent back information pack which can be shared with family members or your solicitor. Decisions don't get much bigger than deciding to rent back your own home.


Worried you make make the wrong decision? How about a "no quibble" cooling off period that allows you to reverse your decision during the first year? Sell and rent back with absolute confidence you've made the right decision for you.


Sell and rent back solves "awkward" situations


It's true these arrangements can solve a number of  different problems at a stroke. Really too many to list here.


Enquiries are made by people facing very different situations. But if there is a common theme it's that our clients' circumstances are somehow "awkward" or not catered for by the traditional house selling process.


sell and rent back


Relationship break-up? Opting to rent back when divorce or separation is on the cards can help make your capital go further or provide stability for your family. Long term illness or chronic condition? Renting back your home can take the pressure off.


The same applies when it comes to inherited property or family property. But what happens when you're selling someone else's home? Perhaps even selling your parents' home?


A sell and rent back scheme can allow you to sell fast and then stay put long term. If your outgoings are too high or you have an interest only mortgage, paying off your mortgage once and for all while remaining in your home can obviously be attractive. For others, it helps them step off the property ladder for a few years.

sell rent back guide

Alternatively, perhaps you want to put a halt to an endless cycle of borrowing and spending? In which case you might be considering sell and rent back as an alternative to debt consolidation loans. It's sobering to think that people taking out such loans have less than a 50% chance of reducing their debt.

But is it right for you?

However, at the end of the day, a sell and rent back arrangement isn't for everyone. Sometimes an outright sale is the best course of action for a given set of circumstances.

A sell and rent back scheme involves more than just getting a quick cash offer and speedy purchase. You're gaining a landlord too. We're gaining a tenant (really, a client). You do need to consider the implications of this, not just for today, but what this means further down the line. Essentially both parties have to continue to meet their obligations under the pre-agreed terms and tenancy agreement.

sell and rent back


But it doesn't have to be a one-way agreement.  It can be reversible! You can sell and rent back then buy back your home. The only thing we need up front is an indication of your requirements and likely intentions.


While you'd expect us to be positive about these arrangements we also want you to appreciate that such a scheme is not to be undertaken lightly.


While we want your house to continue to feel like home it's important, especially if you're "shopping around",  to  develop an understanding of the pros and cons of rent back schemes.


sell rent back guide  

As sell and rent back schemes have become more popular, they are receiving their fair share of publicity - not unlike the pensions or mortgage markets..


It's important to us that clients have the information they need to make the most informed decision they can. We work hard to build a relationship based on mutual trust. After all, you could be our client for years.



Flexible and affordable..


It's possible to set up short or longer term rentback agreements. We do both. Essentially you can remain in your home for as long as you want to.


sell and rent back


What's more...


We place a significant emphasis on "affordability". You may not be tied to a rental at "market rates". In fact where possible we prefer to set the level of rent below the going rate.


Need a rent free period to get back on your feet? We can do that too.

We offer arrangements throughout England, Scotland and Wales. You'll also find a useful checklist on these pages which may help you decide what's best for you.


However to find best solution for you, or to help decide whether such an arrangement will get you what you want, it's important to understand something about how the price of your property influences the likely level of rent. In essence the price of your home and future rent are related. You obviously want the best arrangement for you. But it's also important to be realistic.


We've also included some sell and rent back FAQs but our information backs go into renting back in far more detail.


sell rent back guide


Get started today


To find out more about how we can create a solution to accommodate your current situation just apply using our online form below or call us free on 0800 043 0669.  Your more than welcome just to request an information pack.


A word about our online forms. Your privacy is important to us. Your details are completely secure. We don't sell, share or rent your details with anyone else.



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