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Sell your house - rent back home?


Sell house rent back home services? The market for rent back services is changing in favour of you the consumer - which can only be a good thing. .....Property buyers are out. Service providers are in.....Let us explain.


The issue you're facing right now might best be solved by selling and renting back your home. Maybe. But you need to know more, lots more,  before you can be sure. Which is possibly why you're here.




At its best, the provision of sell your house to rent back your home services is a professional service carefully tailored to the needs of the client. As part of the package the rent back specialist may also be prepared to point you to alternative options too. It's in everyone's interest you make the best decision.


But how times are changing for everyone..


Emotive press coverage is forcing all sell house to rent back your home service providers with any profile in the marketplace to be certain they are meticulous in their dealings with vendors (and existing clients).




A side-effect of this is that sale and lease-back home schemes, as they're also known,  have been brought to the attention of a broader range of consumers who might not otherwise have known about them. Warts and all.


Framing this is a somewhat altered property and finance environment. Mortgages and credit are harder to come by and the property market is in or is heading for a slowdown.




But because life goes on, there continue to be situations,  some common some far less so, that lend themselves to a rent back solution.


What does all this mean?


A broader range of people are seeking out mainstream providers of sell your house and rent back your home services. These are likely to be homeowners who have time to search for the optimum solution to suit their circumstances.




Naturally,  before you can make a final decision, you'll want to find out more about exactly what's involved. It's not just the numbers that are important. After all, your going to have a continuing relationship with your service provider for years to come. 


Sell house rent back home services


You'll want to know at the very least if individual sell house to rent your back home service providers:


P Can meet your objectives in renting back

P Offer you a range of alternatives to choose from

P   Offer rental payments gauged to market rates or lower

P   Guarantee "no surprises" further down the line

P  Let you keep your pets as a matter of course

P   Allow you to treat your house as home

P   Will keep their end of the agreement, if you do


If you decide to sell your house to rent back your home in our view it should be exactly that. Renting back your home. Legally it will be your former home of course but, speaking to our clients, it doesn't feel like that.




The rent back service provider takes on the usual landlord obligations and likewise you the tenant's. However it should be clear by now, this is a different kind of commercial relationship from that of a tenant renting property on the open market. After all you sell your house to rent back your home. You continue to enjoy living in your home at an affordable rate and your landlord has the best of all tenants. Someone who'll stay long term and truly appreciates being there.

To find out more about how sell your house to rent back your home  works call us on 0800 043 0669. Or to make an initial enquiry online or read more about renting back property use the link below.


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