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Can I sell my home quickly to buy another?

Can I sell my home quickly to buy another? This is probably the question we're asked more than any other. The scenario goes like this. You've not sold your current home. But you find a 'must buy house' and wonder what you can do.

It goes without saying that the best course of action, without question, is to wait until you find a buyer before house hunting. Perhaps easier said than done. We can all be guilty of letting our hearts rule our heads.

sell my home quickly

But if you feel you simply must have a particular house then there is one other option to try - become a chain free buyer yourself by getting a buyer for your own house.

You can do this by using the services of a firm that buys property. We can offer on your house giving you the confidence to offer on another!

If anything it's actually become easier to use the services of firm that buys houses. In the current climate you can buy even more cheaply! There are too many people viewing property today that have not sold their own house. Having your own home under offer puts you in a very strong bargaining position.

Think about it.

Most properties are selling below their advertised selling price. You should be able to negotiate an even greater discount by being a flexible buyer - because we'll time the sale to suit you.

Here is the underlying logic. We'll offer you a realistic price for your own house - given current market conditions. This will be less than what you could achieve if you had more time available. You will be selling at a lower level than if you had all the time in the world. But you don't.

Put another way: you sell more cheaply than you would normally to buy cheaper than you'd be able to otherwise.

 sell my home quickly

But can't I sell my home quickly using estate agents you ask? It might be the case you've seen a house you want to buy even before you've put your house on the market. Is it worth trying to sell your home quickly using agents if you've already seen your dream home?

Maybe. The question might be can I sell my home quickly with a high street agent if I set the price correctly? Maybe.

But there are some disadvantages.

You may have some difficulty in persuading an estate agent to set the price low enough. Even if they do lower the price and they find a buyer you have little influence over the timing of the sale. Remember, you need a chain free buyer to be certain of your own purchase. 

You'll need to work incredibly hard to pin agents and solicitors down on the fine detail of selling - after all your next purchase is at stake! This means checking right at the beginning that your potential buyer can proceed.

The deciding factor might be that you're simply not confident of selling your home in the time required without extra help. Perhaps if your home is in an area of really solid demand it's worth a gamble. So the answer to the question can I sell my home quick to buy another is - yes, but probably not without help from a specialist home purchase company.



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