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Sell my house for cash in a slow market

Need quick house sale help

Why sell my house for cash in a slow market?

If you're under no pressure to sell, then there's little to be gained from seeking a guaranteed cash sale.

You might as well just sit tight and wait for a buyer to show up.

But few people sell in a vacuum. We've got bills to pay, debts, job moves, you name it. That's where cash buyers come in.

Tell me more about why I might sell my house for cash in a slow market.

..If selling your house for cash has crossed your mind chances are your under pressure...of one sort or another.

Pressure to move, pressure to pay debts, your mortgage or just pressure to move.

Just sell for cash and pocket the money. Tempting isn't it to let someone else take the pressure off?

What are the advantages if I decide to sell my house for cash in a slow market.

Advantage number one is the control it gives you. Selling for cash allows you to buck the market. You in turn will be a cash buyer when it comes to buying your next property. And in a slow market your negotiating position will be very strong - strong enough to get a sizable discount on your next home.

Are you having an ah-ha moment? Realised that if you sell your house for cash in a slow market you can pocket a bargain.

And it doesn't stop there.

Selling your home for cash gives you certainty. No more wondering how long you need to go on paying the mortgage or wondering when you can pay-off that loan. It's no small wonder that more people get into financial difficulties in a slow property market.

Tell me about the specific benefits if I decide to sell my house for cash in a slow market?

Let's talk about the tangible benefits of deciding to sell your house for cash in a slow market.

If you're grappling with personal difficulties - separation or divorce, advancing years or loss, selling your house for cash allows you to settle into the next phase of your life. Get a fresh start.

If you have been thrown a fresh challenge such as a job change, relocation or are emigrating, an unsold house can be extremely stressful. Effectively your emigration or move becomes dependent on the sale of your house. Ouch. Selling for cash makes sense.

A slow property market often coincides with climbing interest rates. Homeowners under financial pressure can be hardest hit. Sell for cash to pay debts and mortgages off immediately.

Finally selling your property for cash can bring you a step closer to having more financial control. If you want to release equity or reduce your monthly outgoings, a cash buyer offering a professional sell and rent back arrangement may be able to help. You can't get this type of service through an estate agent.

So, if I sell my house for cash in a slow market I can fix my problem?


As long as you sell for cash to a professional cash buyer offering a guaranteed cash sale. Cash for your house, so to speak.

Are there any disadvantages if I decide to sell my house for cash in a slow market?

Generally, the "cash for your house" service is not well understood. A sale to a professional cash buyer bears little resemblance to selling your house through an agent. It's a service. It's paid for using equity from your property. There are no fees. No cash payments of any kind.

And if a cash buyer does ask for any form of cash payment, up-front or otherwise, run a mile.

Also be sceptical of so-called expert recommendations. These are usually just property finders taking a commission from the buyer of your property. Just use your own judgement.

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