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Sell My House Quickly - Sell To A Company That Buys Houses

sell my house quickly

Sell my house quickly by selling my house myself: sell to a company that buys houses. Workable or not? 


sell my house quickly


In late 2010 it's clear to see that the market for selling houses, especially those worth less than 120,000, has changed for the foreseeable future.


Too many people, especially first time buyers, can't get mortgage finance. Houses prices too are faltering and almost certainly will dip sharply in early 2011. It's not clear when the market will right itself. Or even if the market for selling will ever be the same again. As long as mortgage lenders seek to restore their balance sheets things will be tough - for all of us.


If you have no time to lose or want to leave estate agencies behind you've come to the right place. You can act as your own agent. This may not be your first choice. But more and more people, just like you, are coming round to the idea of taking more control of their sale.


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The consequences of not selling are significant for some. Others can rent their home out or simply defer their sale to some point in the future. Relying on your own resourcefulness to sell may be a choice forced upon you. Nevertheless. Taking everything into consideration it could be a viable option.


Of course going down the 'sell my house quickly myself route' has its own risks. You may want to ask yourself whether you've truly exhausted the estate agent route. In our experience, some sellers don't communicate enough or well with their agent. If you are certain this way of selling isn't working for you you can try the more direct approach to finding a sale.


Even when the property market is not at its best. However its not as easy as it once was. This is partly because there are many house owners looking for a service like this.  This increase in demand, plus a lack of cash / or more stringent mortgage criteria, mean that professional home buyers can now pick and choose what houses to buy - if any.


If you have put off trying to sell your house quickly it may have backfired. The market for selling is going to get worse in 2011. Perhaps you've delayed your sale because using home buyers is strictly a last resort. Even the best of intentions can misfire.


Sell my house quickly - protect your interests

The sell my house quickly myself route can leave you exposed if you don't protect your position and make sure that an independent surveyor is involved in your sale. Making mistakes can be costly.

1. Don't be tempted to buy before you sell

It's never been a good idea to buy before you sell. However, it can be disastrous in the current market. Unless you can afford to hold and buy, you can end up in breach of contract if you pull out of your purchase after exchange of contracts or conclusion of missives. Psychologically you're also in a weaker negotiating position if you offer on your dream property before you sell. Even if you go down the sell my house quickly myself route you should ask for proof of funding before entering into a related transaction.


2. Do not remove your house from the market before you've finished vetting alternatives!

If your house is currently for sale on the market, don't take it off before you've found an alternative. The sell my house quickly option may not work for your house or your circumstances. There are pros and cons of removing your property from the market before it's surveyed.


3. Always, always use a RICS valuation as the basis for agreeing price.

Even if  there is no mortgage involved in the sale of your house, always insist on an independent survey by a firm who are member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. If for any reason your house does not survey at the figure you believe to be correct, ask for a second survey. In England and Wales survey valuations can differ widely at any time, but especially in a market where there are a reduced number of transactions.


There is absolutely nothing stopping you trying to find a private buyer for your house. In fact, many luxury properties are more suited to this approach. You can advertise your house for sale directly to the public. However if you'd prefer to simplify your sale - please contact us on 0800 043 0669 or use the form below.



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