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Sell properties quickly - go for the quicker solution

sell properties quickly

Sell properties quickly! We understand that some people want to sell more than one property. A typical example would be someone who has bought a property and subsequently split it into two. They live in one half; a relative may live in the other half or it may possibly be rented out. 

The important point is that you need to find a buyer for more than property at the same time.


  sell properties quickly


People selling multiple properties have many different reasons for selling up. Of course it does make selling more complicated; and it multiplies the pressures and possible complications.

If you really want to sell more than one property it's much easier if both are sold to the same person or firm. You'll find this helps with your own onward planning.

That's where we come in. We've helped people dealing with a wide range of situations: some were moving for family reasons, others were rationalising their business interests or emigrating.


Selling to us have a number of benefits:

- you dictate the timing of the sale

- we'll buy properties that would otherwise be hard to sell

- there are no agents fees to pay

- we meet the valuation costs

- we offer a genuinely chain free sale

- early exchange service


In return there are some compromises to be made on your side. In a downturn properties are difficult to turn into cash. To pretend otherwise wouldn't be honest. It is a buyers market no matter how you sell.

What price can you expect for your properties if you have to sell them to a direct buyer?  The price you can reasonably expect depends on what you're are selling, and how quickly you need to sell your properties. Why? Our main question is can we make a fair return?

One thing we can confirm is that our offer is likely to be less than you could have got if you had tried to sell using a more conventional approach. However this comparison is less helpful than it used to be; many properties are not selling even when substantial price reductions are applied. Buyers are staying away because people even if they can get finance are reluctant to take on more commitments.


sell properties quickly


Sell properties quickly - even in a poor selling market.

Therefore while the house market remains pretty dysfunctional hoping for a sale through an agent can be very risky. Whether its even worth trying depends on the consequences if you don't sell when you want to.

This can be hard to explain to people not dealing with this situation. But there are times in life when you have to move now.

The service offered by direct property buyers such as Sell Your House Quick Help will not work for everyone.

You must be able to afford to sell. If you want to sell properties quickly you must have some equity in your properties.  Another way of saying this is that the borrowings on your properties must exceed their current value by some margin.

To find out more please call 0800 043 0669 or complete the form below.


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