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Sell property quickly with help

sell property quickly

Sell property quickly with our help! In many ways the property market in 2009/2010 has been a disappointment. There's no real recovery in sight. It seems the days of  easy sales are gone... at least for a while yet; for most properties, in most areas. But if you really want to sell your property now, if you have to sell property you can...you can find your own buyer.

sell property quickly		

No serious buyer?

Perhaps you've tried to sell using an estate agent but you have no buyer after months of marketing? Or no serious buyer. Fed up? Want to sell now? Our quick alternative can help but it won't suit everyone. Still trying to sell on the open market? Trying to sell property quickly in a downturn can be tough.

At the current time it's unlikely you (anyone) can sell property quickly through an agent.  OK, you may have thought you'd get lucky. You never know 'til you try. Property is, after all, still selling. But it's taking longer. More viewings, more time. The odds are stacked against you...Alternatively you can try your own hand at selling.

sell property quickly

Some properties are advertised at unrealistic prices. But even well-priced properties may not find a buyer. It's one of the symptoms of the current market; even if there are buyers, they may not buy your property.

Bargain hunters have replaced time-wasters.  If a house is on at 115,000, a buyer may only offer 95,000. The problem with accepting these low offers through agents is that you still have no way of knowing whether the buyer has finance and whether and when the sale will complete. To sell property quickly you may have to look elsewhere.

sell property quickly

Even if an offer is at the right level, your buyer may be unable to sell their own property. An offer isn't really an offer until your buyer is free to buy.

So the property market is slow, but you still need to sell. We understand sometimes you can't put your plans on hold. Or your hand is forced by circumstances outside your control.

Or forced to sell?

Nobody really likes talking about forced property sales. But the fact remains: some property owners don't have the option of waiting months to sell their property.  There are many reasons for needing to sell property quickly. 

You may have had the best of intentions to sell in good time, but simply run of out of time. Or, more likely, selling through agents is never going to be a viable option for you. If your hand has been forced by circumstances outside your control, we can still help, by giving you the best possible offer in difficult circumstances.

sell property quickly

An urgent property sale, may due to financial difficulties.  The current financial climate is catching more people out. Job loss, reduced over-time, can happen to anyone. But it's equally likely you are facing some practical challenge. Perhaps your relocating to be closer to family? Or leaving the UK? Or moving in with your partner? Or perhaps you are retiring or moving into sheltered or council accommodation?

Whatever reason you need to sell property quickly, it is possible to sell property quickly without being "ripped off". Scrupulous property buyers will be just as concerned about their reputation and avoiding unacceptable risks. Likewise not everyone who thinks they need to sell, does. You may have other alternatives.

sell property quickly

Sell property quickly - with help

If you  need a quick sale, we can help you sell property quickly. Our aim is to  help you get on with the rest of your life. You can sell this property of yours if you are flexible on price. Although we can help you sell quickly by arranging a quick purchase, our service differs from that of an estate agent in several important respects - one of which the level of offer.

Pricing  We offer a fair trade price based on the surveyed value of your property.  The level of offer reflects the price required to achieve a sale quickly.

If you already have a Home Report valuation done within the last six months we can usually re-use that valuation.  Our offers are usually expressed as a percentage of  the surveyed value. Where there is no current valuation report in place you receive a copy of the survey for your property.  This means you'll get the highest possible offer.

sell property quickly

Tip: Be wary of anyone confirming an offer without a valuation in place - you could lose thousands - or companies not sharing their valuation with you. We know from experience that a significant number of property owners underestimate the value of their property; especially if they have not moved for more than ten years.

Trade prices are lower than prices achieved on the open market. But if you are considering using the services of a property buyer it's because your circumstances are dictating how you sell. Property buyers offer a specialist service that meets the needs of a minority of property owners. If you can sell through agents, that's what you should be doing.

To find out how we can help you sell quickly in Edinburgh or elsewhere call 0800 043 0669 or simply complete the form below.

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