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Sell this house quickly -
solutions for all types of houses

sell this house quickly

Sell this house quickly on your own terms - when you want to. We have a range of different house sale solutions depending on the details of your circumstances.


Fed up? Worried? Stressed? Talk to us.


During the last 12 moths everyone's has had to move with the times we live in. There are a range of different ways a sale can be organised to help you move - regardless of why you're moving.


So let's start at the beginning.




Sell with our help to solve "awkward" problems


Typically we hear from people who are prevented from moving because their house won't sell. Or they are facing awkward problems that the traditional put your house on the market and 'wait and see' approach does not suit.


Of course we're not talking about the majority of owners. But for people wondering how to sell this house quickly, it is possible to sell - in any kind of house market; fast, depressed or just slow we have solutions to help you sell.


sell this house quickly



For some people the need to sell is brought to a head by a buying or renting opportunity. You may be firming up your retirement plans or hoping to swap your mortgage to rent a council house. Or perhaps ill health is forcing you to move to a smaller home or a home on one level.



 However, at the end of the day, these solutions aren't for everyone. Sometimes waiting or deferring your sale really is the best thing to do.

Sell this house quickly solutions - are they right for you?

Can you answer "yes" to any of:


- you have failed to secure a sale on the open market

- you must sell before you can buy

- you have a renting opportunity that won't hang around long

- you have already exchanged contracts on a new property

- you 

- you are leaving the country

- you need to raise cash because you've lost your job

- you've inherited an unwanted property

- you're a developer who must sell before starting a new project


Obviously this list is not exhaustive but it gives you some understanding of the kinds of situations we're able to help with.




sell this house quickly



To Apply


In the current climate where sellers outnumber buyers there is only a limited opportunity to sell quickly - regardless of how you sell. You can sell quickly but conditions apply for some solutions otherwise they will not be practical.


To create the best solution for you we take account of:


- the type of house you're selling. Different solutions work better with houses in different price bands

- how quickly you need cash in your pocket to tide you over

- how quickly you need to buy another property

- whether you're looking to buy or rent a new home

- how quickly you need to move to be somewhere else



To find out more about how we can create a solution to accommodate your current situation just apply using the form below or call us free on 0800 043 0669.


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