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Sell your house quickly in a slow market

Sell your house quickly in a slow market

Sell your house quickly in a slow market..with our help

Is 2007 the year you'll have to sell your house quickly in a slow market? As of June 2007, it's becoming harder to assess the current selling price of properties. Even for professionals. The reason? The property market is slowing. Or at least, confidence is beginning to look fragile.

It's official. The BBC says rate rises are slowing house prices. Evidence from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Council of Mortgage Lenders, the Halifax and Nationwide all point in one direction.

It's true that house prices did rise modestly in June. But, and it's a big but, the rate of growth is in decline. Even in London.

The picture elsewhere?

Vendors round the UK are telling us they're achieving fewer than expected viewings. And with fewer buyers around, properties are taking longer to sell. Hardly good news if you want to sell your house quickly.

Surveyors seem to be taking an even more pessimistic view

The surveyors we've been speaking to believe a down turn is definitely on the cards. Who can really say? However it does appear to be rapidly becoming a question of not just how you can sell your house quickly, but how can you sell in a slow market?

The HIPS deadline may have caused a surge in properties hitting the market but wasn't matched by similar numbers of buyers.



Luckily help is on hand. But first let's take a look at what you can do to help yourself to a quick house sale. After all, you can try to sell your house quickly in a slow market, the traditional way, through an estate agent.

Casting a critical eye..using estate agents to sell your house quickly in a slow market

The pricing, marketing and presentation of your property

Estate agents can be slow to adjust the pricing of properties to changing market conditions. It's not the agent's fault. 'Sentiment' can literally be changing as you put your property on the market.

Do rely on your agent for 'wise counsel' but if you're property is getting fewer than expected viewings or fewer than similar properties there may well be a pricing issue.

Be bold.

Phone other estate agents in your area to get their views and assess the properties your home is competing against for buyers attention. The Rightmove website is a useful tool in this regard. You may have to undercut the prices of similar properties in your area to sell quickly.



Although price is the overwhelming factor in a slow market, well presented properties will do better. In fact they'll sell for relatively  higher prices in a slow market than poorly presented properties. In a better market, with more buyers around,  all properties will fetch good prices.

Even if you believe your property is well presented (clean, tidy, newly decorated) it can be too cluttered or appear too personal to prospective buyers. The longer we stay put, the more we tend to collect things. Be ruthless in your assessment.

Finally, to sell your house quickly in a slow market you may have to offer incentives to your agent to promote your property ahead of others. For example, you can offer your agent a bonus if they find you a buyer above a certain price by a specific date.

Sadly, there are no guarantees

Even when you have done everything you can there are no guarantees when you sell on the open market. You can still lose your buyer or your sale chain collapse.



How to sell your house quickly in a slow market

Selling to the right kind of cash buyer can be the answer if you must sell your house quickly in slow market. Looming deadline? Emigrating? Clearing debts? Mortgage arrears?

We're not like the buyers who walk into your estate agent's office. We're not impacted by the slow market - no matter what type of property you're trying to sell. Whether it's a farm or flat, big or small, in good condition or not. Try us. We can help you sell quickly in a slow market. Fairly.

If you need a guaranteed property sale or need to sell by a specific date we can help you sell with complete peace of mind. So, even if you're looking to sell quickly in a slow market we may just have the solution.



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