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Sell your house quickly with our help

Ah..The art of selling your house quickly. Plan to sell. Plan to sell well, and you will sell your house quickly.

The biggest barrier to a quick house sale? House sellers being unrealistic.

Time and time again this issue surfaces in our conversations with vendors. Why should any kind of buyer part with hard cash just because you want the convenience of a quick sale?

The second biggest barrier? Not taking specific actions to achieve your goal. Taking action is a big part of your success. You'd be surprised how many people relocate but "forget" to organise their house sale until the last moment.

For example, get a head start on the legal side of things. Organising your house conveyancing upfront will help you sell your house quickly. Did you know you can get searches completed, even before you have started marketing your house?

What’s more, you’ll also have to get your house ready for sale.

Really in a hurry? Find out how you can sell your house quickly by giving your house a quick facelift.

Sell your house quickly in one of four ways

There are four main ways to achieving a quick house sale:

√ Using property auctions
√ Selling through estate agents
√ Selling privately – the diy approach
√ Finding a cash property buyer

In the relevant sections you’ll find step-by-step guides and our Top Tips if you're really in a hurry. But don’t delay if your priority is speed. Time really IS money.

Does your need to sell outweigh your need for best price? If so, it may steer you towards particular ways of selling your house quickly.

But it's all relative. You can sell your house quickly using any of the above methods if you know how.

Be realistic to get a quick sale

To sell your house quickly you need to be realistic about your available resources: your time, money and know-how.

All four ways of selling a house come with risks which need to be planned for.

And each gives a different outcome in terms of likely selling price, certainty and speed of sale. What are your priorities?

To achieve the best price over a three to six month period, sell through an estate agent. Or possibly manage a private sale if you are confident of your abilities to qualify buyers and value your property. If you’re not confident now, review the relevant sections here and you soon will be.

No matter how you finally decide to sell your house you must have an understanding of the basics - especially if you're selling your house fast.

Cash for your house today or in four months?

But if you need to sell within a month your best option might be to find a cash property buyer. Here your priority might be to sell your house quickly for the best price you can to a buyer who will guarantee to complete.

If you need to sell within a month or have a ‘problem property’ extra help is available if you know where to look. And if you find you have a prolonged sale you can take steps to fix house selling problems .

Would you rather have cash today or cash in four months? Whether you realise it or not that is often the choice facing house sellers. How so? True, selling through an estate agent might give you a higher price in four months time. However, the hidden cost of selling a house will be much higher too. These include your mortgage payments until the day of completion.

On the other hand selling at auction or to a cash buyer might result in a lower selling price today but you will have negligible, if any, ongoing costs. Put another way, a higher sale price might not result in more money in your pocket.

And speaking of money in your pocket, it's time to turn our attention to the question of how to accurately value your house.

It pays house sellers to be informed. But if you're serious about wanting a quick sale don't confuse an esate agent's house valuation with the selling price.

Once you have a sound house valuation, where you place your asking price on the price range for your property becomes the critical issue. For selling quickly, it may be simpler to forget asking prices altogether. The only number that counts is the selling price. Asking and selling prices can be one and the same.

Now we've covered some of the basics it's time to read on...

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