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Selling ex council properties

selling ex-council properties

Selling ex council properties can be tricky for two reasons.

Firstly, ex council properties can be difficult for prospective buyers to find finance for.

Second, if you bought your property under the Government's Right to Buy scheme it's quite possible you're a first time house seller.

There are  lots of resources available to help people through the buying process. In our view less attention is generally given to house selling.

When selling ex-council properties (or ex local authority as they're also known) there are a few things to bear in mind.

1. Ex-council properties sell for less than privately built ones. Depending on location and type of property, ex-council properties sell for 15% to 40% less, than similar privately built properties. This is only a rule of thumb - it's really the general principle that's important.

2. Prospective buyers are typically first time buyers, families on a tight budget or investors. It's important to know who your potential buyers are. It impacts how you chose to sell your property.

3. In a slow market selling ex council properties can take longer. Much will depend on location and who the typical buyers are.

4. How quickly you'd like to sell your property. Are you thinking in terms of three or four months, or three or four weeks? This decision will also influence how you sell your property.

5. Selling ex council properties requires a valuation just like any other sale. But your property's valuation might not be straightforward. Valuations can be awkward for ex council properties if they are located in estates / developments where the majority of properties are still council-owned. This is because there is no clear market for the property - and little available information to guide you. On other occasions there is simply quite a broad range of possible values because many ex council properties offer wide-scope for improvement.


Getting started

If you're new to the house selling process you can do worse than read our selling guides to the four main ways of selling your property. When all is said and done, selling ex council properties is probably no different, as long as you're aware of the quirks we've already mentioned.

If you're selling for the first time, most likely you don't want to handle the sale directly yourself but will use the services of an estate agent.

If you haven't sold a property before a good agent will steer you through the process.  Don't feel awkward about asking questions when you need to. Just follow our advice or the advice found in similar guides elsewhere. A few of the websites listed in our directory have brief selling guides. It's probably wise to read at least two. Nobody ever knows everything!

If you've sold property before you'll be familiar with the process and may decide to take a more active role in your sale. New options for selling privately are becoming available all the time - with supermarkets now dipping their toe in the water.


The difficult bit

House valuation is an emotive subject. Nearly everyone has an opinion on what they think their house is worth. This is only natural. However house valuations do need to be grounded on the available evidence. You might find our guide to house valuation helpful.

When selling ex council properties a knowledgeable estate agent is  invaluable. Ask a long-established local agent or two to value your property taking into account how quickly you wish to sell. Be sure to clarify whether their valuation is an asking or selling price.


Good news

Although demand and supply for property in your local market varies, selling ex council properties should be relatively easy as demand is generally strong if the property is well priced.





This is especially true in London, where there is strong demand from Buy to Let investors. In London selling ex council properties is easy because there is a ready-made market and now at least one  private seller website catering for your specific needs.

For first time house sellers our top tips:

1. Speak to family and friends for advice and tips

2. You'll find information on the web of varying quality. If in doubt speak to the no-cost organisations such as CAB and Shelter. You'll find their details in our directory.

3. Always seek legal advice if deciding to sell your property.


Other considerations..

However, what do you do when your circumstances aren't straightforward?

You need to move now?


Unsold home?

Moving to a larger property or down- sizing?

Already bought another home?

Facing repossession?

Limited or fixed earnings?

Debts to clear?

Fed up with higher interest rates?

Landlord selling up?

Already based overseas?


Offered sheltered accommodation?


Inherited property ? 

Raising cash?


Selling ex council properties through an estate agent is ideal if you have both the time and money to do so. It may not be ideal if you've run out of cash, need a guaranteed sale or simply don't want to move.

And if you've never sold a property either, it can all seem daunting.

One alternative solution is to use the services of a professional cash buyer like Sell Your House Quick Help. You'll find our 'warts and all' guide to professional cash buyers under Tips and Guides.

How any property is sold may be influenced more by the seller's circumstances  than anything else. Selling ex council properties is no different.



Selling ex-council properties fast - for cash

Professional cash property buyers like Sell Your House Quick Help offer a fast, guaranteed cash sale. Using a cash buyer is ideal for selling ex local authority properties fast.

Selling ex council properties on the open market does not offer this benefit. We buy "on demand"  or "on request" for cash. It's convenient. You move when you want to.  Regular house buyers on the open market pick and choose. They're shopping for a home.

All things being equal, selling ex council properties on the open market through an estate agent will get you the highest price.  Although you want a good price for your home it might not be your only concern if you have to sell quickly.

You have a range of options when selling ex council properties. However selling ex council properties for cash to a professional buyer like Sell Your House Quick Help is by far the quickest way to get your house sold and off your hands. It is also the only way to be 100% certain your home will be sold.

If you think your interests might be best served by selling for cash contact us to have an informal chat.  We'll happily answer your questions and explain what's involved in selling ex council properties for cash or selling ex local authority properties and renting back. You can reach us by completing one of the online forms or by calling 0800 043 0669.

We know you'll have questions - just ask. You'll receive open and honest answers.

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