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Selling in Scotland to Move Abroad - Can we sell in six weeks?

by Robert

We're selling in Scotland to move abroad.We live in Perthshire. We are going to Australia in six weeks. The house was on the market in 2008 and didn't sell.My wife and I took it off the market - we were unhappy with our estate agent. We felt the estate agent was working really for the buyers and not for us. We need to sell before we leave. We've discounted renting the house out as we know we're not coming back to Scotland. We feel we must sell. Don't want loose ends and all that. What can we do?


Selling to move abroad? Yes we can help. But. I assume you have jobs to go to? If you're not moving to go to a specific job or under the auspices of a specific company then it may make more sense to rent it out while you're abroad. You'd need permission to let from your lender. If they won't do it then try switching mortgages.

Are you raising funds for your trip by selling? Selling to move abroad as a way of raising funds may not be your only option. If you switch mortgage deals then perhaps you can pull out cash?

We've recently been speaking to a couple in Fife who assumed they'd need to sell to move abroad but could actually remortgage. They didn't have specific jobs to go to, so this route made sense for them. They'll have a self financing asset while they are away and can still sell further down the line.

Are you really certain your not coming back?

Of course if you're selling in Scotland to move abroad, and you really have no other option we can help, subject to finding out more about the property and how much you owe on it.

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