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Selling property fast without an estate agent

Need quick house sale help

Selling property fast without an estate agent is as straightforward or complicated as you make it.

If you want to go it alone chances are you're thinking about costs. Or at least out-of-pocket cash expenses.

Or, if you really must sell faster than the agent route usually allows - you need to meet an important deadline.

The alternatives to selling property without an estate agent are limited but you do have choices.

If your main goal is to cut costs then try selling privately. But it's a gamble if you need to sell your property fast. Cheap or not.

Be realistic. No matter what you think of your property the key to selling privately fast is that there must be high demand for property like yours in your area. The price still has to


be attractive. Price your property to sell. You must also know how to market your property to reach your intended audience.

The final piece of the jigsaw is finding the right sort of buyer for your property. Is your buyer chain free? Do they have funds in place?

A discussion of selling your property fast without an estate agent would be incomplete if we didn't mention property auctions. But it's not a low-cost alternative.

If you need to sell within two months from today, we don't generally recommend the auction route unless you're very sure of your timing and prepared to put a low reserve on your property.

If your property is likely to appeal to investors or developers or possibly first-time buyers..it might



be worth trying. But don't forget. Selling through an auction does not guarantee your house will sell. All you know in advance is the minimum price it will sell for if it sells at all.

Other options for selling property fast without an estate agent?

Need the convenience of a certain or guaranteed sale? Or do you just need to sell your property fast?

Selling property fast without an estate agent will almost certainly involve a consideration of professional cash property buyers. A professional cash buyer should not be confused with an investor. Investors are often amateurs or part-timers who simply buy property for themselves or pay property "finders" a fee to source property. Investors are ten-a-penny. But that's not what you're after.

A professional cash property buyer provides a service.

Most can exchange in seven days (48 hours if they have to). They buy directly from you, just like private buyers, but that's where the similarity ends...

Get a fast guaranteed property sale

Sales to a professional cash buyer are guaranteed to complete.

Most sale are guaranteed to complete in four weeks. Few people really need to complete a sale in a matter of days. But it can be done if you need to sell very fast. If you're selling property fast without an estate agent and speed is your main concern this is your fastest option, bar none.

There are lots of different kinds of cash property buyers. Some are run on a franchise basis. Others are sole-traders or run as limited companies.

Where cash property buyers are most likely to vary is in their approach to your situation. Ask yourself this. Do they seem most interested in making an offer for my property or understanding my situation? Do they want to help me?

If you decide to try this way of selling your property fast then you'll find your initial conversation with the cash buyer will reveal quite a bit about how they operate.

Selling property fast without an estate agent is challenging. Property is not an asset that can be turned into cash easily. Selling property usually takes months. That's why people turn to cash property buyers.

If you're selling property fast without an estate agent do consider selling privately, property auctions and cash property buyers.

And whatever you decide to do we hope we've helped you make an informed choice.

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